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We welcome you to our explanatory guide on How to select new animals for your Zoo in BitLife accurately.

You need to introduce new and exotic animals regularly if you want your BitLife zoo to attract many visitors. While adding new animals may seem easy, you must think and apply many techniques to choose the right animal and increase your winnings in the game, to support you this guide will explain what is necessary, let's see.

How to select new animals for your Zoo in BitLife?

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Current visitor needs and animal popularity determine the selection of animals rather than bringing them randomly to your zoo. In your zoo's Activity tab, click on the "Trading Post" option to see what it is. Here you will find a list of animals that can be sold or bought, as well as animals that other wildlife sanctuaries require. Select now only animals with a high popularity rating or a rare tag. These animals may cost a fortune, but over time your zoo will attract more visitors and increase your income. So, look for these animals and try to pair them up so they can mate and have more babies for your zoo.

I found a very rare female Basilisk listed during my run and purchased her for my zoo. Being a rare animal, she brought a lot of popularity to my zoo, significantly increasing my profit margins. The only unfortunate thing is that I did not find a partner for my snake to mate and produce offspring. When purchasing animals, you should also consider habitats or biomes. Even if you want to buy animals, you need to build specific habitats because not all animals can live in your current sanctuary. Below is a list of all types of animals and their habitats.

Habitats/BiomeAnimal Type
RainforestSnakes, Alligators, Chameleon
SavannaZebra, Jaguar, Hippopotamus, Meerkat
Reptile Room          
Monkeys, Lemurs, Jaguar

In conclusion, knowing how to select new animals for your zoo in BitLife is interesting because it allows us to develop and have more fun in this interesting and fast-paced game.

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