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2024-05-21 09:39:05

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With our help you will see that knowing How To Complete the Urban Country Challenge in BitLife is easier than you thought.

What to know about the urban country challenge in BitLife?

This week, we're doing the Urban Nation challenge. In this challenge, you play as an R&B singer who is not happy with his path and decides to change it up a bit. Either way, you will get multi-platinum albums in both the country and R&B music genres, the requirements to complete the challenge are as follows:

  • Woman born in Louisiana
  • Become an R&B singer
  • Platinum R&B album released.
  • She became a country musician after releasing a platinum R&B album.
  • Platinum country album released.

Considering what is necessary to complete these challenges, let's move on to the details in this guide that will help us in each objective of this stage of the game.

How To Complete the Urban Country Challenge in BitLife?

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The details of each objective of the urban country challenge are presented below and are as follows:

How to be born a woman in Louisiana

The first thing you must do is decide to give up your current life. From this moment on, you need to create a new and personalized life. In the Gender field, select Female. Select United States as your country. Select New Orleans as your location. Make sure your special talent is music. Start a new life.

How to become an R&B artist

Before your new life gets old, you should practice singing a little. Go to the Early Childhood Activities section and select the Mind and Body menu. Then, take singing lessons if your parents are willing to pay and practice until you completely master the skill. Then increase the character's age to eighteen, then go to the "Career" tab and audition as a soloist.

How to release a platinum album

When you become an artist, you can create albums. Although the probability of this happening is not the greatest, it is still completely possible. You will have to keep trying until you achieve platinum success. Create an album in your chosen genre each year and you'll eventually release a platinum album.

How to become a country artist

After releasing a platinum R&B album, you'll need to change lanes and try listening to country music. Go back to the Career tab and audition as a solo country singer or even as a member of a group. Then if you go through there, you'll switch to country music instead of going the R&B route. Now just release a platinum album and you will complete this goal.

This is all we must consider about the urban country challenge, by following the instructions we will be completing it with ease and continue our progress in this incredible game.

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