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Our guide today is intended to explain how to complete the Ex-Soldier Challenge in BitLife, let's see.

The goal of the BitLife Veteran Challenge is to experience new things, from serving in the military to finding love after years of self-discovery. Although most of your goals are simple, it's easy to make some mistakes when trying to speed up certain tasks. Here's how to complete the veteran mission and continue enjoying everything this game has to offer.

How to complete the Ex-Soldier Challenge in BitLife?

The veterans contest in BitLife requires completing five tasks:

  • Born as a child in Germany
  • Become an army soldier
  • Once deployed, leave your location.
  • I'm dating a biologist
  • Marry your childhood friend

While you don't need a career pack or special expansion to complete this quest, you do need to keep track of your character's activities throughout their life. If you forget to make friends first or die within the first few years of your enlistment, you'll have to start your career over. You may also be unlucky if you date a biologist. In general, this test is a matter of luck and, of course, patience.

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Born as a child in Germany

The first step in the Veteran's Challenge is to be born a man in Germany. Doing this is the easiest task in this challenge because your character's starting gender must be male, and your starting country must be Germany. It doesn't matter what city you start in. From here, your character will age until entering elementary school. Try to make friends during this time, because then you will have to marry one of them. Since NPCs can marry or die in the game, making some childhood friends of your character will reduce the chances of you having to restart your career.

Become an army soldier

When your character turns 18, go to the career menu, choose an army and join the army to quickly destroy another target. In general, if you are in good health and have no criminal record, you can join the military easily and without any problems.

Once deployed, leave your location.

After joining the military, return to the Careers tab to find military job options. You will find several options, including quitting, working harder, and retiring later. Our goal is to opt out of receiving messages from you, which you can find directly in the collaborators menu. However, you will have to wait to do this after completing the first deployment task. 

As your character typically ages, you will randomly encounter location options related to the Minesweeper minigame. You can complete this minigame on your own or use a metal detector if possible. Either way, complete this minigame before leaving your post to complete the third mission, A Veteran's Trial. You will now have a little time before completing the two remaining missions. Quitting BitLife could lead to immediate arrest. If you avoid getting caught, the police will be able to follow you later, delaying the next two missions.

I'm dating a biologist

This is where luck and patience come in handy. In addition to avoiding arrest by the authorities, your character will also have to find a biologist to go on a date with. To do this, go to "Activities", select "Love" and hang out until you find someone who is a biologist. Once you find someone, start dating them before immediately breaking up and moving on to the final mission of the challenge.

Marry your childhood friend

It's finally time to pass the exam and get married. To do this, you need to find one of your childhood friends in the relationship menu, invite him on a date and propose to him as soon as your relationship indicators increase. The easiest way to achieve this is to gift an expensive engagement ring; The higher its value, the more likely it will be accepted. After proposing to your childhood friend and getting married, you will complete the ultimate veteran challenge.

Now that you know how to complete the Ex-Soldier Challenge, you can embark on all of these tasks and complete yet another mission in BitLife.

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