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We welcome you to our guide on How to date a clown in BitLife with precise details.

You might want to date a clown in BitLife for a variety of reasons, from completing weekly challenges like the Golden Gals challenge to believing it would be a fun way to live your character's life. No matter why, knowing how to do it can help you achieve any goal you've set, and this tip can be used for dating people in other professions.

How to date a clown in BitLife?

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In BitLife, you can date a clown in two ways:

  • Find a clown in the dating menu.
  • Become a clown, magician or circus performer and hang out with one of your co-workers.

The first method depends entirely on luck, but if you're lucky and find someone to clown your first few dates, it can be a very quick process. Otherwise, working in a circus is the best because you will almost certainly see a circus partner. However, as we will soon see, this presents some potential challenges. You can go to Activities, choose Love, and choose Date if you want the dating menu option. From this point, you will find a random NPC with his gender, age, and occupation, among other characteristics that may or may not influence your decision. The goal is to find a clown at work and ask him out once you find him.

You can also become a magician, circus performer, or clown in the hopes of finding a clown co-worker. However, gender limits clown status, so you can only become one if you are a man. If your character is female, you will need to undergo gender reassignment surgery before you can play the role. Otherwise, you can opt for a magician or circus performer. The process is virtually the same regardless of your choice: search the list of full-time jobs, apply for the position, and complete the interview to enter the circus. Here you will find your list of coworkers, which includes several clowns, who you can invite to finish your personal challenge, achievement, or goal.

In conclusion, knowing how to date a clown is interesting, because it allows us to function while we progress in this fast-paced game like BitLife.

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