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2024-06-03 09:18:32

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Our guide today aims to explain to you How to Become a Flight Attendant in BitLife, let's see.

Becoming a flight attendant is the easiest path to a career in aviation because pilots must study hard and pass a difficult exam to get their pilot's license. So, if you want to travel the world and take to the skies, here's a quick guide on how to be a manager in this game.

How to Become a Flight Attendant in BitLife?

Many players believe that to become a manager, you need to have a college degree. However, that's not the case and all you need to qualify for an interview is a high school diploma and solid stats. I'll explain the way to get both below.

How to Get Higher Education in BitLife?

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When you start out in life, your parents will automatically enroll you in elementary school when you turn 5. Then simply increase the age and you'll graduate from high school with a diploma around the age of 18. During your school years, you can use the Advanced Learning option in the School Activities tab to get good grades, but it's not mandatory. However, you can do this if you want to feel more confident and not be rejected in job interviews for poor performance.

How to get a high appearance rating in BitLife?

As mentioned above, in addition to the high school diploma, an important criterion for a flight attendant interview is high attendance. Usually, between 75% and 100% is enough. When starting your life, try to get a character with a score of at least 50%. This will allow us to increase the recommended coverage by 75% by taking the following specific actions. So upgrade this character or, if you have the God Mode DLC, create your own character by increasing the appearance stat at birth.

The next step is to increase and maintain your score above 75%. To do this I recommend going to the gym and changing your diet to a healthy one, for example Greek or Mediterranean. Also, start going to the Spa regularly to keep yourself in good shape. You can start doing this around the age of 15 or when you have the opportunity. Continue this process until you are selected as a manager.

How to get a flight attendant job in BitLife?

The last step is to find an invitation to be a flight attendant and you will be selected. After graduating from high school, go directly to the "Full-time jobs" section and look for job postings titled "Young flight attendant." If you see such a person, apply and if you meet the criteria above, you will be admitted for an interview.

During the interview, you will be asked a question about life or aviation; answer correctly to pass the interview and get the job. If you do not find similar postings listed, close the application or subscribe to search for new job groups. The only drawback to being a flight attendant is that the pay is very low, and you will have to significantly increase your working hours to get more promotions.

Now that you know How to be a flight attendant, you can study and apply to reach this position in BitLife.

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