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2024-06-10 11:49:18

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Today we tell you everything you need about How to complete the golden gals challenge in BitLife.

So, the reference to this week's BitLife challenge is pretty obvious and is a fun challenge to try. The Golden Gals Challenge takes us to Miami, where we will work as school teachers until we are at least 38 years old, and during that time we will get married, divorced, focus on ourselves, and find wonderful new friends. Now that I'm retired, I even date a clown. Yes, a real clown. Let's see how to advance in the golden women challenge.

¿How To Complete the Golden Gals Challenge in BitLife?

  • Born in Miami.
  • I have more than 20 years of teaching experience.
  • Break away.
  • As of age 55, she has three friends.
  • At age 55 or older, date a clown.

Birth of a woman in Miami

  • Select the Activities tab.
  • Click on the "Surrender" menu.
  • Choose to sacrifice your life and then live a unique life.
  • Set your Gender to Female in the character creation menu.
  • Build your nation in the United States.
  • He settles in Miami.
  • Start your new life.

Work as an instructor

You need to get good grades if you want to spend a few years teaching. From the moment you start high school, you will literally need to study more each year until you graduate. From there, instead of looking for work, continue studying. You can choose any major, but going to the University of Education will give you the best opportunities to work as a teacher. After you graduate and get good grades by studying further, head to Graduate School for a couple more years and then start looking for a teaching job. remain in that position for at least two decades.

Break away

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You should get divorced after you get married, either because you were proposed to or because you proposed yourself. The simplest way is to go to the Relationships tab and choose your husband from the list. Scroll down until you see the “Divorce” option, then select this option.

Make friends

Address to the club and participation in work events after turning 55 years old. Both activities will allow you to connect with people who want to be your friends. Be sure to ask three women to be your friends if you are over fifty-five.

Sleep with a clown

Even if you're over 55, dating is pretty easy. Go to the Activities tab and choose the Love menu. From there, select the "Dating App" option and browse through the options until you find someone whose profession is clowning. Make an appointment with them.

Now that you know how to complete the golden girls challenge in BitLife, it is time to follow our steps and complete another task in this interesting game.

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