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Today we bring you an explanatory guide with everything you need to know about How to complete the Proud Peacock challenge in BitLife?

Within BitLife you will find a large number of exciting challenges that, without a doubt, will make you live a fun experience when playing, and this is the case of the Proud Peacock challenge, which allows you to live your wildest fantasy and participate in an adult film company, the best of all is that you will get a fairly constant and endless source of income.

To successfully complete this mission, you will have to complete the requirements in a specific Order, forcing you to restart your life and do everything from scratch, and although it may sound quite intimidating, you should not worry, since in this guide we give you the information necessary for you to successfully complete this mission.

How to complete the Proud Peacock challenge in BitLife?

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Objective: Achieve success and notoriety within the adult entertainment industry.


  • Male character starting location: New York City, USA


1. Career Initiation: Upon reaching adulthood (age 18), navigate to the "Occupation" tab within the game menu. Seek employment as a Janitor specifically for an adult film company. This role might not be immediately available; persistent aging and checking the job listings will eventually present the opportunity.

2. Industry Ascension: While employed as a Janitor, utilize the "Work Harder" option whenever possible to demonstrate dedication and increase your chances of promotion. Alternatively, approach your supervisor and request a raise or promotion to a position within adult film acting.

3. Colleague Camaraderie: Cultivate positive relationships with your male coworkers. Compliment them and maintain healthy relationships to create opportunities for romantic encounters. Be mindful that unsuccessful attempts at hooking up could lead to disciplinary action or termination. It's recommended to ensure a positive rapport before initiating romantic advances. Aim to connect with at least five male colleagues in this manner.

4. OnlyFans Domination: Establish an OnlyFans account within the "Social Media" section of the "Assets" menu upon reaching adulthood. Leverage your established fame within the adult film industry to attract a substantial following on this platform. Regularly post content and actively promote it to maintain a competitive edge and strive to become a top 0.01% content creator.

Completion: Once all aforementioned objectives are achieved, the Proud Peacock challenge will be marked as complete.

Additional Notes:

  • While a degree of luck can influence the pace of completion, consistent effort and strategic choices will significantly increase the success rate.
  • BitLife offers a variety of other challenges to explore, such as Disco Inferno and Golden Gals.
In conclusion, we hope that this guide on How to complete the Proud Peacock challenge in BitLife? It will help you and you can successfully complete this exotic and exciting mission that, without a doubt, will give you fun moments while obtaining a great source of income. All this, while you enjoy all the experiences that BitLife has for you.

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