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We continue talking about Biomutant which allows us to tell you how to increase all the attributes.

What are the attributes in Biomutant for?

 There is the possibility of increasing statistics and in the same way it should be noted that it is necessary to know how to increase all attributes, this allows players to be better over time, it is precisely this that a style of play can offer us, and therefore directing ourselves to always be one step ahead.

How to increase all attributes in Biomutant?

 It is necessary to level up, this means that every time we go from one level to another we are allowed to increase the attributes.

When we level up it is possible to take a look at the screen of our character in the main menu where we will see that we are presented with the option to increase an attribute by 10.

When choosing the attributes, we will see below this the statistics that will therefore also increase by Biomutant.

What are the attributes and statistics in Biomutant?

 Once we know how to increase all the attributes, it is necessary to know what they are and their respective statistics, it is worth mentioning that the number of attributes is 6 and we are going to detail them below:
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    • Vitality: this is an attribute that allows us to have the amount of health and in the same way the cost of energy that we must dodge, this has these statistics.
    •  Health: this refers to the amount of health we have, it is also necessary to understand that this statistic tends to increase as we level up and therefore the higher the attribute, the higher the statistic.
    •  Armor: this attribute refers to the amount of damage we manage to receive during the attacks delivered by the enemies, the more damage we can do melee.
    •  Strength: this is another attribute and allows us to increase melee damage, so that the greater our strength, the more damage caused by melee attacks, this has a statistic.
    •  Melee Damage: This statistic determines the amount of damage we can inflict when making melee attacks and usually increases as the attribute does too.

     Intellect: this attribute allows us to determine the amount of ki energy that we have, it is possible to carry out psychic attacks as well as mutations and to recharge it quickly, this is usually favorable in the case of solving puzzles, this has three statistics:

    •  Power: this allows us to establish the amount of damage we can inflict with psychic powers and mutations.
    •  Ki energy: this statistic is usually used in special attacks, psychic powers and mutations, it allows dodging and determines our ki energy to the maximum.
    •  Ki energy regeneration: the higher we have this statistic, the faster the ki energy will regenerate.
    •  Agility: this is an interesting attribute because this usually determines our general speed and this has a statistic.
    •  Movement speed: this statistic allows us to determine the speed with which it is possible to move and sprint, this means that the higher the count, the faster we will be.
    •  Charisma: this attribute determines the ease of persuading, in the same way it defines the statistic.
    •  Barter: this statistic allows us to increase the amount of Green that we manage to earn when selling objects, it also allows us to reduce prices when we go to buy from sellers.
    • Luck: This attribute determines the probability of loot and determines the luck in the RNG sections of the game, this has two statistics.
    •  Critical Chance: the higher the start, the more chance we have that our attacks can become critical goals and therefore do more damage.
    •  Loot Probability: This stat requires raising to give yourself a chance to have more options when it comes to getting items of better quality and rarity.

     Now that you know how to increase all the attributes, it is time to increase the statistics and thus get to play Biomutant more comfortably.

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