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Biomutant has many activities for us which leads us to know how to get more resistance, let's see.

What is the point of getting more resistance in Biomutant?

  This is a necessary action considering that here there are several enemies with which it is necessary to fight, it is vital to increase the level of our character and therefore his resistance, this because the amount of existing dangers is highly high.

How to get more resistance in Biomutant?

  This is an action that requires:
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    • Press the Menu / Options button to open the Radial menu.
    • Next we select the "Character" and then we go to "Mutations".
    • We proceed to choose "Resistance".
    • Then we will be shown the different dangers to which we can increase resistance.
    • We proceed to select the resistance that we want to improve and for this it will be necessary to press A / X / LMB.
    • It is necessary to have Biopoints to increase resistance by 10 percent.

     It is good to be clear that:

    •  Improving our resistance allows us to survive much longer in some areas that may be contaminated.
    • We will see that radiation can make our health go down, and therefore it is necessary to increase resistance, there is no way not to access places where there is radiation.
    • It is necessary to avoid reaching 0, simply because it means death.
    • As we improve the resistance we require more Biopoints.

     Now, to get the Biopoints it is necessary:

    •  Defeat the enemies of Biocreep, such is the case with the Morks.
    • You can find these spots in silver containers that tend to glow green inside themselves and are usually quite common in areas with buildings and constructions.

     This is all we can tell you about how to get more resistance, so it is a simple but vital task in Biomutant and there is no possibility of neglecting it.

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