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Angel Marquez
2021-05-25 15:28:38

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We welcome you to our Biomutant guide where we will talk about How to fix Crash at startup.

What to know about Biomutant?

In every game there are usually some errors after its launch, with the arrival of this specific one it is possible to go through the Crash at the beginning, it means a block that prevents the loading of the game, in some cases it is due to a problem with other software So, to get an idea of ​​how to fix Crash at the beginning, a group of options will be presented to check and apply, we just have to pay attention to the content from now on, let's see.

How to fix crash on startup in Biomutant?

Our first step is to make sure we have the minimum system requirements to run Biomutant, even though the problem has nothing to do with this, but it should be considered as a possibility, now after that as to How to fix crash on startup we will do the following:

  • Software update: it is important that our GPU and operating system are up to date with their respective updates, so we check that Biomutant has the most recent version and in the case of NVIDIA a new driver is presented that we must have.
  • Run as administrator: among the possible solutions regarding How to fix Crash at the beginning we have the importance that the executable of the game has written permission, because otherwise this problem will appear, then we will go to the installation directory and with the Right click we click on the executable of the game, we enter the properties and in the compatibility tab we mark it to run as administrator.
  • Screen configuration: it is important that for Biomutant the DPI is 100 percent by default, considering in turn that the screen in use is capable of supporting the established resolution and that the color depth is 32 bits.
  • White list of antivirus software: regarding How to fix Crash at startup, it is necessary to consider that the problem may originate from having Windows Defender and not a third-party antivirus, then it is necessary that we put Biomutant on the white list.

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  • Window mode: resource consumption turns out to be higher when being in full screen, being a problem if we do not have the minimum resources, then what we will do in terms of how to fix Crash at startup is to be in window mode, for this we start the Steam client, we go to the library, and we right-click the game to enter its properties, here we give it in general to set the launch options, here we write or paste –windowed –noborder, we click ok, and we exit, then we will do a reboot and see if the problem persists or not.
  • Closing applications for a clean boot: it is possible that Biomutant is affecting the other applications that are being executed by force, so it is necessary that we end what is not useful for this we press Windows R to write msconfig, with enter we will go To the service tab, we select to hide all Microsoft services and then to deactivate everything, we will go to the start tab to enter the task manager, here we are deactivating one by one and restarting the system, now we will see if this is resolved trouble.
  • Integrity of the files: it is possible that on How to fix Crash at the beginning has to do with a problem in the game, then what we will do is start the Steam client, we go to the library to enter the properties of the game, we go to the files local, and we verify the integrity of the game files.
  • Disable Nvidia overlay: it is something that frequently happens that overlays block games like Biomutant, if we have GeForce Experience installed it is possible that the Overlay is activated, to solve this error what we will do is deactivate it, so we start GeForce Experience, and we go to its configuration, in the general tab we look for In-Game Overlay to deactivate it, we restart, and we must return to playing normally.
  • Deactivate the MSI Afterburner and Overclock: this function becomes the cause of my problems for the games, so it is ideal in terms of How to fix Crash at the beginning that we close it through the task manager prior to the execution of the game, in case if you do not have this, it may be more than overloading the GPU or the CPU, you have to terminate all the applications so that the blockage disappears.
  • Deactivate the Steam and Discord overlay: it is necessary to deactivate both programs because the problems they cause are similar to those of the NVidia Overlay, for this we deactivate the Steam Overlay at the beginning of the client, go to the library and enter the properties of the game, we uncheck enable Steam Overlay when in the game, now we deactivate the Discord overlay and hardware acceleration, we enter the application, and we give it in user settings, we give it in voice and video in the menu, we search the advanced option to deactivate the OpenH264 video codec and activate the priority of high quality of service packets, we will go to the overlay to deactivate it and in advanced there is the hardware acceleration to also deactivate it.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to fix Crash at startup has been useful for your return to enjoyment in Biomutant.

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