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Today we bring you a Biomutant guide in which we will explain where to find all the mounts.

What to know about the mounts in Biomutant?

With the mounts it is possible to explore all the places in the game, presenting a variety of creatures, these mounts can mostly be obtained through the story mode, through the secondary missions and secret places, then to understand where to find all mounts we have the precise details in this guide below.


Where to find all mountsin Biomutant?

Now in relation to where to find all mounts we have to consider in Biomutant the following details:

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    • Puki Azure goat: we have the first one in the open world, this is south of the Murkadorpus outpost, it is necessary to feed it with a pipe plant, and we can mount it.
    • Puti goat: for this mount we have to be related to the meat eater secondary mission, it is necessary to kill the Puti Gnoat creature, which allows us to be trusted.
    • Old Pea Gnoat: Go to the Murkadorpus outpost again, where there is a blue-shirted agent that we talked to and bought.
    • Mekton: we have to go to the dead zone to complete the mission that is part of the story in Biomutant.
    • Snickels: we have to buy it from the broker in the Ankati fortress.
    • Surfipelago: in the open world we will find it, this will be to the east of the Peekaboo park, near the river, to mount if it is necessary to feed it with fruit.
    • Old Amber Gnoat: as for where to find all mounts we have that this takes us to the Vespidut outpost and to be able to buy it from one of the brokers.
    • Googlide: we are presented with the Fixer-Upper mission where we have to talk to Goop and thus complete it, the reward will be this.
    • Pee-Wee Gargantua: through the secondary mission that has the same name, we have to go to the Brug camp and eliminate the captains, then we must remove the rope knot to access the mount.
    • Old Scarlet Gnoat - We have to go to Quirkquarp Outpost to buy it.
    • Mubi: must be bought at the merchants in the Netra fortress.
    • Mekamjut: we find another one that belongs to a mission in history, which takes us to Shilo Shopperia to the basement of the building, we have to turn on the power generator and to assemble it requires loosening some screws.
    • Mjut: Through history we will go to the Gnoat corral to obtain this mount by talking to Noro.
    • Pebble: it is necessary to complete the climbing zone and zip line tests to obtain it.
    • Miff Gnoat: in the open world it is located near Snodesburg, with the use of the fruit we get to tame it.
    • Abo Gnoat: in the open world we will find him by the outpost of Molyhole, he gets to tame with fruit.
    • Mekafingro: it is presented through the Whiz mission of the story mode, where you have to go to the Mekastadium and to mount it you need to complete the rotation puzzle.
    • Pumb Gnoat: Through the open world near the Sludge Deodorizum, with the fruit you get to tame.
    • Gullblimp: it is necessary that we complete all the objectives of the Lobo secondary mission which consists of obtaining the airship parts.

    Finally, now that we know where to find all mounts we can move on to Biomutant.

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