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We invite you to discover How to complete the Melee Test, a new task in Genshin Impact.

What to know about the Genshin Impact melee test?

This is part of the Misty Dungeon event, this being the third that we will have, it is necessary that we apply the style to complete the corresponding challenges in the dungeon, which are a total of 5 which in turn present exclusive ones, these are to destroy 6 shields hilichurl, use normal and charged attacks to defeat 12 enemies, now to get an idea of ​​how to Complete Melee Trial with precise details, let's see the following.


How to Complete Melee Trialin Genshin Impact?

At least 75 percent of damage is required for normal and charged attacks with the sword, with claymore and antler being ideal, considering that in the test an AOE shock wave is presented when performing a normal or charging attack, the ideal group is Keqing, Xinyan, Barbara and Sucrose to solve How to Complete Melee Trial, where in normal and charged attacks we can consider Keqing as the most suitable, but it is important to avoid the use of skills or bursts of the other members of the group, because they will not get to count the deaths for the challenge in Genshin Impact.
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    The destruction of the 6 hilichurl shields will put us before a trio of enemies that will have these shields at the end, then you have to go through several challenges to add the 6 destroyed shields, in this case the appropriate character turns out to be Xinyan, because when facing some wooden shields with their elemental ability that they burn before their destruction, while in the case of rock shields we can use the claymore to destroy them, in case we fail to destroy the 6 in the first game we can add them to the cultivating the challenges again until the required amount is reached, considering the need to do the tour as well.

    There are many traps in this challenge in which electric, hydroelectric, cryogenic and pyroelectric totems are presented, so you have to count on the configuration by Keqing to deactivate the hydroelectric totems, with Barbara the pyroelectrics and with Xinyan the cryototems, subtracting only the Obstacle of the electric totem trap, once these challenges are completed we will earn x70 primogems, x4 hero wits, x4 ballad guides, x30000 blackberries and x6 mystical enhancement minerals.

    Knowing how to Complete Melee Trial is interesting, because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Genshin Impact.

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