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Find out how to change clothes in this excellent and explanatory guide from Biomutant.

What to know about the change of clothes in Biomutant?

It is a possible option to make to change our character's appearance, counting that it can be done for all kinds of different garments, which can help us with the appearance and bonuses, so to have an idea of How to change clothes, let's see the following content .

How to change clothes in Biomutant?

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    From the main menu we have to go to the Gear menu, this when pressing the options menu button, now going on to choose the part of the body to which we will make the change, going through the different options that we have available, in relation to the equipment to change we have to go through the environment looting enemy corpses or buying from vendors, we must bear in mind that we have an option to preset outfits, with which it is possible to create it and save it to be used later, which allows us to have something in advance, something very useful for when we go through the different areas that require a certain outfit.

    It is possible to make modifications in each of the garments, this through the craft menu, which affects the statistics and the appearance at the same time, with the bumper buttons we choose the part of the body to change, agreeing to modify it when inspecting it, as long as we have the pieces, the craft components we obtain while we explore the world, defeating the enemies and buying, but it is appropriate to highlight the ideal of making only the change of outfit that focuses on our character, seeing that each garment helps in the statistics, a balance in the outfit is of importance.

     We can conclude that knowing how to change clothes is easier than thought once you have seen these details, it only remains to apply it and continue the fun in Biomutant.

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