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Today, we offer you a guide that will help you How to be the least expected in Baldur's Gate 3

Within the incredible world of Baldur's Gate 3, we find a variety of objects with which you can significantly improve the construction of your people. These items can be acquired and discovered in various ways throughout the game's story, from purchases and rewards to looting and theft. All this in order for your characters to acquire new elements that you can use throughout the game.

Now, when we talk about the multiple ranged weapons that can be obtained in this journey, an incredible short bow stands out that considerably improves those attacks made by stealthy characters, the Least Expected.

As you can see, this weapon is extremely useful and therefore obtaining it will allow you to play as a stealthy sniper if that is what you want.

How to be the least expected in Baldur's Gate 3

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Certainly. Here's a more professional version of how to acquire the Least Expected bow in Baldur's Gate 3:

Acquisition of the Least Expected in Baldur's Gate 3

The Least Expected, a powerful shortbow, becomes available in Act 2 of Baldur's Gate 3. To secure this weapon, players must navigate the following sequence:

1. Act 1 Completion: Progress through the Act 1 storyline until the narrative transitions to Act 2.

2. Moonrise Towers: Locate and explore the Moonrise Towers region. Engage in dialogue with Z'rell, a pivotal character, to initiate a quest that grants access to Balthazar's office. Within this office lies a Moonlantern, a crucial item for traversing the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

Alternatively, players may choose to confront Kar'niss the Drider during the Harper ambush. Successfully defeating Kar'niss offers an alternative path to obtaining the Moonlantern.

3. Moonlantern Procurement: The Moonlantern serves as essential protection against the Shadow Curse that plagues the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Owning this item is mandatory for safe passage through this area.

4. Gauntlet of Shar: Utilize the Moonlantern to navigate the treacherous Shadow-Cursed Lands and reach the Gauntlet of Shar, a specific location within the game world.

5. Gilded Chest: Meticulously explore the Gauntlet of Shar. The Least Expected is located within a Gilded Chest, situated at coordinates X: -736, Y: -801. This chest is often found tucked discreetly behind a counter.

6. Weapon Characteristics: The Least Expected offers a significant advantage to ranged combatants. Its "Darkveil Precision" enchantment grants a +1d4 bonus to ranged weapon attacks when the wielder is obscured by shadows. Additionally, the bow boasts a +2 weapon enchantment and inflicts 1d6+3 piercing damage.

7. Optimal Usage: Characters with high Dexterity scores and class features that enable them to obscure themselves, such as Assassin Rogues or Gloomstalker Rangers, will derive the greatest benefit from wielding the Least Expected. 

In conclusion, this guide will give you the answers you need about How to be the Least Expected in Baldur's Gate 3, to ensure that players successfully acquire the Least Expected and improve their capabilities within the game.

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