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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to Get the Gloves of the Automaton in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur's Gate 3 offers you a large amount of equipment and tools that are usually useful when playing, however, when we talk about quality equipment, The Automata Gloves usually get all the attention.

However, this equipment is usually rare in the game and if you want to use them and experience the magic they offer you, you must complete a series of activities in both Act 1 and Act 2.

Keep in mind that these activities involve collaborating with a grumpy Gnome. I know it sounds complicated, but the incredible benefits these gloves have to offer you will be worth all your effort. Therefore, here we explain everything you need to know to obtain them.

How to Get the Gloves of the Automaton in Baldur's Gate 3

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The Gloves of the Automaton are a coveted item in Baldur's Gate 3, granting significant combat advantages through a unique Class Action. To secure these prized gauntlets, players must establish a rapport with Barcus Wroot, a deep gnome with a penchant for trouble.

Befriending Barcus Wroot:

  • 1. Windmill Rescue: During your exploration of the Blighted Village, locate Barcus precariously tied to a spinning windmill. Eliminate the goblin threats and deactivate the windmill to liberate him. Barcus, though initially dismissive, will offer his backpack as a token of (limited) gratitude. You can retrieve it from the windmill's cellar.
  • 2. Grymforge Liberation: In the Underdark region, within Grymforge, you will encounter Barcus and other gnomes enslaved by the Duergar. During the confrontation with True Soul Nere, a critical decision arises. To secure the gloves later, ensure you choose to liberate the gnomes.
  • 3. Camp Invitation: Upon freeing Barcus, extend an invitation to join your camp. While he won't be a playable companion, he expresses his gratitude and sets off on his own quest.

Locating the Gloves:

  • 1. Last Light Inn: Progress through the campaign until Act 2. Within the Last Light Inn, you will find Barcus once again.

Obtaining the Gloves:

  • Commercial Acquisition: The recommended approach involves purchasing the Gloves of the Automaton directly from Barcus for a sum of 899 gold.
  • Covert Approach (Optional): Players with high Dexterity and proficiency in Sleight of Hand may attempt to pickpocket the gloves. However, this carries the risk of detection and potential hostility from Barcus.

Utilizing the Gloves:

The Gloves of the Automaton offer distinct advantages:

  • Combat Prowess: The "Circuitry Interface" Class Action grants the wearer advantage on all attack rolls for a sustained duration, significantly improving their offensive capabilities.
  • Lightning Resilience: The gloves imbue the wearer with resistance to lightning damage, bolstering their defensive fortitude against specific elemental attacks.

Strategic Considerations:

While the gloves provide substantial benefits, it's important to note that being classified as a Construct can impact certain healing spells. Some spells might be rendered ineffective on the wearer due to their construct type. Evaluate your party composition and healing options before equipping the gloves.

This is everything you need to know about How to Get the Gloves of the Automaton in Baldur's Gate 3, following this guide you will be able to complete the activities necessary to obtain the powerful gloves, test your skills and enjoy the benefits to obtain once you achieve your goal .

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