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Guide to learn how to get the Marvel Nexus war glider in Fortnite

 If you've been trying to complete the weekly challenges above to get an exclusive skin from Fortnite, this may be your chance! This week you can get not only a skin, but also a glider that will come in handy in the game.

With the Marvel theme surrounding the entire game, heroes from the same franchise have taken over the entire game in the form of skins, POIs, LTMs, and even a story in which the supervillain Galactus is getting closer to the map.

In the game there have been different events with very interesting prizes, for example, the recent cup to win something related to Daredevil. Anyone who has competed in yesterday's Daredevil Cup but failed to unlock the Daredevil skin, fear not, it was not a complete waste of time. The epic is awarding players some kind of participation medal, but not yet. Players will have to compete in all four Fortnite Super Series events to unlock knowing how to get the Marvel Nexus War Glider, so stay tuned!

How to get the Marvel Nexus War Glider in Fortnite?

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    This time's prize, as we mentioned before, is a Nexus War glider that bears the main image of the fourth season of Fortnite. If you've competed in the Daredevil Cup, just make sure you participate in the next three Super Series tournaments. Your performance will not determine if you get the glider or not.

    As for when the next Super Series tournament will be held, Epic Games has not mentioned anything about it, but according to leaks and rumors, the focus of attention for the next Super Series could be Black Panther. As for whether the Nexus War glider will be available to purchase in the future, that is yet to be revealed.

      With this said about How to get the Marvel Nexus war glider in Fortnite you will have to make the plays with the greatest strategy to complete those missions that you could not do in the previous cup. Don't give up and good luck!

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