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We invite you to discover How to break Wyll's pact with Mizora in Baldur's Gate 3 with this interesting guide.

What to know about breaking Wyll's pact with Mizora in Baldur's Gate 3?

This is another task in the game, and we will encounter a projection of Mizora, who will present Wyll with a crucial task. The forces of the Absolute have successfully captured one of Zariel, and Wyll's most powerful "assets" and it is our job to infiltrate Moonrise Towers to rescue them.

It should be noted that in this task on How to break Wyll's pact with Mizora in Baldur's Gate 3, it is good to make it clear that If Wyll refuses or fails in this commitment, his contract will condemn him to the depths of hell, where he will be transformed into a Lemure, a low-level demon primarily used during the Blood War as cannon fodder. But through a simple Perception check, we can discern that Mizora's desperation is unusually intense. This understanding means that we have the upper hand in negotiations and can demand more from her, since she has no choice but to accept. In the event of a successful mission, we can demand that Wyll's pact be rescinded, although a DC 14 Intimidation, Story, or Performance check will be necessary to influence his decision. However, Mizora will insist on ending the pact after the rescue, not before.

Location of Zariel's "asset"

Zariel's "asset" can only be found within the Mind Flayer Colony, which we can access only after the party defeats Ketheric Thorm on the rooftop of Moonrise Towers. The Mind Flayer Pod can be found in the Tadpoling Center, located separately next to the brine pools.

The enigma

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Unbeknownst to the team, Mizora herself is the asset they were looking for, who was imprisoned while investigating the Absolute. One of the active party members will have to pass the easy difficulty Arcana tests to discern the purpose of the devices on either side of Mizora and then make the decision of which one to activate. It should be noted that the device labeled "annihilate" may seem attractive, but Wyll's contract will not end with Mizora's death, rather she will be dragged to hell immediately after her death. Optionally, the active character makes a Strength check with a target score of 14, in order to break the capsule.

We must know that, Mizora has one more card up her sleeve, according to the terms of the contract, she still has six months left before having to fulfill it. Which means Wyll will still be a demon warlock for the duration of the campaign, at the very least. After delivering the discouraging news, we can attempt a Persuasion check as well, with a target score of 14. If the speaker is successful, Mizora will grant the party the Infernal Rapier.

This +2 rapiers not only adds +1 to the wielder's spell save DC, but also allows them to make use of their primary spellcasting ability modifier instead of relying on Dexterity or Strength. It should be noted that the bearer can also use the spell Planar Ally: Cambion once per long rest. Without a doubt, this is an invaluable weapon for Wyll, even if we don't choose to give him the Covenant of the Sword class feature.

The impossible decision

Even though the team effectively negotiates the end of Wyll's pact during Act 2, Mizora still has unfinished business with him. Upon arriving at Wyrmrock Fortress, Mizora will be waiting at the base of the stairs leading to the Audience Hall. She will not reveal her purpose for being there until the party ascends to witness Lord Gortash's coronation. Then, when the group goes downstairs, she will automatically start a conversation.

Notably, Grand Duke Ravengard has named Gortash as the new archduke, Mizora reveals that he has been quickly relocated to a hidden location, one she doubts the group can easily find. But, Mizora is aware of the whereabouts and is ready to help. In Act 2, if Wyll breaks the pact, Mizora and two witnesses will appear at the camp the next day. She will inform Wyll of the whereabouts of her father and offer him protection, but on one condition, and that is if he permanently delivers his soul to Mizora and Zariel. If Wyll refuses, Mizora guarantees that her enemies will kill her father, Wyll is conflicted and leaves the final decision to the protagonist.

Wyll will have Mizora mention "Appendix F," which states that Wyll will retain his warlock abilities until the Absolute is defeated. In other words, he will remain a warlock until the end of the game. Mizora will also remain in the group's camp, regardless of Wyll's decision, until she is asked to leave. If Wyll accepts the pact, Mizora will advise the party on how to reach the Iron Throne's underwater prison and offer enhancement spells to help Ravengard escape. If the pact is terminated, the party can still find their way to the Iron Throne and rescue Ravengard, but Mizora will summon explosive spiders in an attempt to eliminate him. This increases the danger, but it is still possible to save him.

Should the party rescue Ravengard while breaking the pact, Mizora will offer lukewarm congratulations, but a Detect Thoughts check will reveal that she is already planning her next attempt on Duke Ravengard's life. Despite this, the reunion of father and son provides an opportunity for reconciliation, and they also share information about a ferocious dragon that could help them against the army of the Absolute.

One quality is that it allows us to rescue the Grand Duke even without the stalwart Wyll in his group. In such a scenario, Mizora, ever the mysterious being, will refrain from meddling in the situation. However, we must be careful, since the only time we can find Ravengard's lifeless body upon reaching the Iron Throne is if we heed Mizora's offer, but fail to resolve the treacherous pact before reaching the confines, from prison.

We conclude this guide on How to break Wyll's pact with Mizora in Baldur's Gate 3, we invite you to follow the instructions and make the best decision to complete the game.

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