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2020-11-26 10:20:14

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Ark Survival Evolved has allowed us to enter the prehistoric world and this leads us to tell you How to make dye

What is the use of dye in Ark Survival Evolved?

Without a doubt, this is a game where we have some things that can be done because this allows us to make a dye to choose to color some number of objects, structures, and weapons. The advantage is that this does not require more effort, because at the date it is possible to have some resources that we can use well.

How to make dye in Ark Survival Evolved?

To make dye it is necessary to have the following elements:

  •   1 skin of water.
  • 1 gunpowder.
  • 1 spark powder.
  • 2 coal.

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To these materials it is necessary to add some colorants, so that we must collect some berries, only that each colorant requires a certain quantity and particular berries, for this we have made a list below:


 Dyes that require Gunpowder.

  •  Forest: requires 7 blackberries 7 red cranberries 4 narcobaya.
  • Sky: requires 12 Azulberry 6 Stimberry.
  • Royalty: requires 7 red cranberry 4 narcoberry.
  • Tan: requires 4 Amarberry 1 Azulberr 7 Tintoberry 6 Stimberry.
  • Tangerine: request of 7 Amarberry 7 Tintoberry 4 Narcoberry.
  • Parchment: requires 12 Amarberry 6 Stimberry.
  • Strips: requires 6 Narcoberry 12 Stimeberry.
  • Pink: requires 12 Tintoberry 6 Stimberry.


 Tint that require sparkle powder.

  •  Navy Blue: requires 12 Azulberry 6 Narcoberry.
  • Olive: requires 9 Amarberry 9 Tintoberry.
  • Mud: requires 4 Amarberry 1 Azulberry 7 Tintoberry.
  • Cyan: requires 6 blackberry 12 blueberry 4 amber.
  • Brick: requires 12 Tintoberry 6 Narcoberry.
  • Melon: requires 7 blueberry 7 red 4 emerald.
  • Magenta: requires 9 blueberry 9 red.
  • Slate: requires 12 Narcoberry 6 Stimberry.

Dyes require carbon.

  •   Blue: requires 15 Azulberry.
  • Yellow: requires 15 Yellow
  • White: requires 15 Stimberry
  • Brown: requires 6 Amarberry 3 Azulberry 9 Tintoberry.
  • Orange: requires 9 Amarberry 9 Tintoberry.
  • Black: requires 15 Narcoberry
  • Purple: requires 9 Azulberry 9 Tintoberry.
  • Red: 15 Tintoberry
  • Green: requires 9 Amarberry 9 Azulberry

  This is all you need to know about How to make dye, because this is simply a necessary task that allows us to choose to paint objects and weapons in Ark Survival Evolved.

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