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Master ARK Survival with ease! Get top tips on How to Tame Snow Owl in ARK Survival Ascended.

ARK Survival Ascended introduces the majestic Snow Owl, a formidable flying creature that can be found in colder regions. Taming these fast and aggressive creatures requires careful planning and the right approach. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of successfully taming a Snow Owl, ensuring that you have a powerful ally by your side.

How to Tame Snow Owl in ARK Survival Ascended

Preparation is Key:

Before setting out on your journey to tame a Snow Owl, it is crucial to make sure you are well-prepared with the necessary supplies. The first item you will need is Superior Kibble or meat as food items to entice the owl into becoming your companion. You can either gather the ingredients to craft Superior Kibble or obtain it from other survivors or traders in the game.

In addition to the food items, it is advisable to have a ranged weapon or tranquilizer darts to render the Snow Owl unconscious. These tools will allow you to immobilize the creature without causing unnecessary harm.

Locate and Approach:

Snow Owls can usually be found in colder regions of ARK Survival Ascended, such as the snow biomes. They are known to soar through the skies or perch on high cliffs. To locate a Snow Owl, keep an eye on the skies and scan the cliffs for any signs of movement. Once you spot a Snow Owl, approach cautiously, keeping in mind their speed and aggression.

Knocking Out the Snow Owl:

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To tame a Snow Owl, you must first render it unconscious. This can be done using either a ranged weapon or tranquilizer darts. Carefully aim your shots, making sure not to harm the creature unnecessarily. It is essential to have a steady hand and be patient during this process to avoid any mishaps.

Setting Up a Bird Trap:

To prevent the Snow Owl from retreating during the taming process, it is advisable to set up a bird trap. A bird trap is a structure made with door frames and doors, creating a confined space for the owl to enter. This will allow you to lure the owl into the trap while providing ample opportunity for tranquilizer shots.

When setting up the bird trap, make sure to leave a gap between the door frames to shoot through. This will enable you to safely tranquilize the owl without putting yourself at risk. Additionally, it is essential to have a roof over the trap to prevent the owl from escaping through the top.

Wear It Down:

Once inside the bird trap, continue wearing down the Snow Owl with tranquilizer shots until it becomes unconscious. Be patient and stay focused on your target, as these creatures can be quick and evasive. It may take several shots to bring the owl down, so make sure you have enough tranquilizers on hand.

Offering Food Items:

With the Snow Owl now unconscious, it is time to initiate the taming process. Open its inventory and place Superior Kibble or meat as food items. This will help to speed up the taming process and ensure that the owl becomes your loyal companion. Keep in mind that the taming process can take some time, so be patient and monitor the owl's progress.

Welcome Your New Ally:

Once tamed, the Snow Owl will become available for you to call upon whenever needed. Its abilities and prowess in the skies will greatly enhance your survival in ARK Survival Ascended. The Snow Owl has unique abilities such as freeze breath, which can slow down enemies, and a healing ability that can restore health to you and your allies. Experiment with these abilities to maximize your effectiveness in the game.

Taming a Snow Owl in ARK Survival Ascended may seem challenging, but with the right strategy and preparation, it becomes an achievable feat. Remember to approach these creatures with caution, set up a bird trap for convenience, and patiently wear down the owl until it becomes tamed. Enjoy the companionship of your new ally as you explore and conquer the vast world of ARK Survival Ascended! For more information on taming other flying creatures, refer to our guide on taming the Argentavis. Happy taming!

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