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Uncover the secrets to How to find Argentavis in Ark Survival Ascended with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to find and tame the majestic flying creatures known as Argentavis in Ark Survival Ascended. These powerful creatures can be found in the northern hilly and cold terrains of the game, and they can be a valuable asset for various tasks such as resource transportation and crafting. So, let's dive right in!

How to find Argentavis in Ark Survival Ascended

Finding Argentavis:

The first step in taming an Argentavis is to find them in the wild. These magnificent creatures can typically be found in the bottom or middle of mountains in the northern hilly and cold terrains. They are known for soaring through the skies, making it easier to spot them from a distance.

When searching for Argentavis, it's important to keep an eye on the skies and look out for their distinctive appearance. They are large birds with a wingspan measuring over 20 feet, and their feathers are primarily white with black-tipped wings. Spotting an Argentavis in the wild is a breathtaking experience, and you'll know you've found one when you see it.

Taming Process:

Once you have located an Argentavis, the next step is to begin the taming process. To do this, you will need to build a secure enclosure using stone dino gateways and door frames. This will ensure that the Argentavis cannot escape while you are in the process of taming it.

To bait the Argentavis into the enclosure, you can make it follow you by using a flyer or by running in the direction of the enclosure. It's important to stay calm and not provoke the creature, as it may attack if it feels threatened. Slowly lead the Argentavis towards the enclosure, making sure to maintain a safe distance.

Once inside the enclosure, you will need to sedate the Argentavis using tranquilizer darts shot from a crossbow. It's important to have enough tranquilizer darts ready before starting the taming process to ensure that you do not run out. The Argentavis has a large amount of torpor, so it may take multiple shots to sedate it fully.

After sedating the Argentavis, it's time to feed it to speed up the taming progress. Using kibble as a food source is highly recommended, as it provides the fastest taming progress. You can craft kibble using various ingredients, such as Jerky, Rockarrot, and Prime Meat. Make sure to have enough kibble prepared in advance for a smoother taming experience.

Utilizing Your Tamed Argentavis:

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Once you have successfully tamed an Argentavis, you can start taking advantage of its abilities and features. These magnificent creatures have several uses in the game that can greatly benefit your gameplay experience.

One of the main uses of an Argentavis is to carry resources. These creatures have a large carrying capacity, allowing you to transport large quantities of mined resources back to your home camp efficiently. This can save you time and effort, as you no longer have to make multiple trips to gather resources.

In addition to carrying resources, Argentavis can also transport other dinosaurs. This makes transportation between locations much easier, especially if you need to move multiple dinosaurs at once. Simply pick up the dinosaur with your Argentavis and fly it to the desired location. This feature can be particularly useful when relocating your base or gathering dinosaurs for breeding purposes.

Another useful ability of the Argentavis is its capability to craft Smithy items. This means that you can use your tamed Argentavis as a mobile crafting station wherever you go. This can be incredibly convenient, especially when you are exploring new territories and need to craft or repair items on the go.

Additional Tips:

While the outlined method for taming an Argentavis is effective, it's important to note that there are other structures or techniques that you can experiment with if they work better for you. Some players have had success using other types of enclosures or luring the Argentavis with specific bait. Feel free to adapt the process to your own playstyle and preferences.

During the taming process, it's crucial to keep an eye on your inventory for enough tranquilizer darts. Running out of darts in the middle of taming can be frustrating and may result in the Argentavis waking up and attacking. Make sure to have a sufficient supply of darts before starting the process to avoid any unnecessary setbacks.

Congratulations! You're now equipped with the knowledge to find and tame the powerful Argentavis in Ark Survival Ascended. Remember to approach them with caution, be patient during the taming process, and enjoy the benefits of having these magnificent creatures by your side. Whether you're using them to carry resources, transport dinosaurs, or craft items on the go, Argentavis are a valuable asset in the game. Happy gaming!

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