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2020-11-26 10:46:24

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Saber How to get the sparkpowder is a vital task that we are allowed to achieve in Ark Survival Evolved, let's see.

What is sparkpowder in Ark Survival Evolved?

This is nothing more than a vital resource with which we get in this game and that we must know how to prepare, because it simply has a lot of functionality, only to do so it is vital to have some resources such as rocks and a pickaxe.

How to get the sparkpowder in Ark Survival Evolved?

To make gunpowder it is necessary to have:

  Chemistry bank: this must be created and for this it is vital to have:

  • Unlock the engram at level 82.
  • Count on 100 spark powder.
  • Have at least 150 metal ingots.
  • Get a quantity of 250 feed paste.
  • Get a 250 amount of polymer.
  • Have a minimum of 250 glass.
  • Have 250 electronics.

Mortar and pestle: this device requires:

  • Unlock the engram at level 6.
  • Have about 65 stones.
  • Get at least 15 hides.

Once we have all this amount of ingredients, it is necessary to choose to click on the artifact, since it is possible to make use of any of the named structures to make gunpowder and thus be able to use it in these implements:

Gunpowder can be used in:

  • Flare gun.
  • Chemical Bank.
  • Maker.
  • Smoke grenade.
  • Grenade Flash.
  • Radio.
  • Fertilizer.
  • Stimulating.

Spark powder can be used in:

  • The fire.
  • The stone fireplace.
  • L forging of refining.
  • The standing torch.
  • The cooking pot.

In this sense, this is all you need to know about How to get sparkpowder, as this resource is usually one of the most important that we can use in Ark Survival Evolved.

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