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. Learn the secrets of How To Tame a Giant Queen Bee in Ark Survival Ascended with our expert guide.

Taming a Giant Queen Bee in Ark Survival Ascended can be an exciting and rewarding experience. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of taming a Giant Queen Bee with a friendly tone of voice.

How To Tame a Giant Queen Bee in Ark Survival Ascended

Gathering the necessary equipment

Crossbow and grappling hook: To successfully tame a Giant Queen Bee, you will need a crossbow and a grappling hook. The crossbow is used to shoot the grappling hook, which will allow you to climb up to the hive and destroy it. Make sure to have a good-quality crossbow to ensure accuracy.

C4 Charges and Detonator: In order to destroy the Giant Beehive, you will need C4 charges and a detonator. The C4 charges should be placed strategically on the hive to ensure maximum damage. The detonator will allow you to trigger the explosion and destroy the hive.

 Full Ghillie Suit: A full Ghillie Suit is essential for camouflaging yourself while taming the Giant Queen Bee. This suit will make it easier for you to approach the hive without disturbing the bees or attracting their attention. Make sure to have a complete set of Ghillie Suit to maximize your chances of success.

Rare Flowers: Rare Flowers are an important tool in the taming process. Giant Queen Bees are attracted to Rare Flowers, so having a good supply of them in your inventory is crucial. These flowers can be obtained by harvesting certain plants or by searching for them in the wild. Make sure to gather enough Rare Flowers before attempting to tame the Giant Queen Bee.

Pike: A sturdy pike is necessary to defend yourself against the other bees that may attack you during the taming process. While the main focus is on taming the Giant Queen Bee, it's important to be prepared for any unexpected encounters. Keep a pike handy to fend off any aggressive bees that may approach you.

Finding the Giant Beehive

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Heading into the Redwoods: To find a Giant Beehive, you will need to venture into the Redwoods biome. This is where the Giant Queen Bees and their hives can be found. The Redwoods biome is known for its tall trees and dense vegetation, so be prepared for a challenging journey.

Locating the hive on the forest edges: Once you have entered the Redwoods biome, start exploring the forest edges. Look for tall trees with large beehives hanging from their branches. Giant Beehives are distinctive and can be easily spotted once you know what to look for. Keep an eye out for bees flying around the hive as well, as this is a good indication that you have found the right location.

 Preparing for the taming process

Equipping the full Ghillie Suit for camouflage: Before approaching the Giant Beehive, make sure to equip your full Ghillie Suit for maximum camouflage. This will help you blend in with the surrounding vegetation and minimize the chances of being detected by the bees. Take the time to ensure that you are fully covered by the Ghillie Suit, including your head and hands.

Using a crossbow with a grappling hook to aim at the hive: Once you are in position, take out your crossbow and attach the grappling hook. Aim carefully at the Giant Beehive and shoot the grappling hook, ensuring that it latches onto the hive securely. This will allow you to climb up to the hive and destroy it.

 Detonating 3-4 C4 Charges to destroy the hive: After climbing up to the hive, place 3-4 C4 charges strategically on the hive. Make sure to spread them out to cover as much area as possible. Once the charges are in place, retreat to a safe distance and use the detonator to trigger the explosion. The hive should be destroyed, allowing the Giant Queen Bee to fall to the ground.

Taming the Giant Queen Bee

Observing as the bee makes her way to the ground, surrounded by other bees: After the hive is destroyed, the Giant Queen Bee will descend to the ground, surrounded by other bees. It's important to stay observant during this stage and be prepared for any aggressive behavior from the other bees. They may attack you, so be ready to defend yourself with your pike if necessary.

 Equipping Rare Flowers in your lost inventory slot: To attract the Giant Queen Bee, equip Rare Flowers in your lost inventory slot. This will cause the bee to focus on you and ignore the other bees around her. It's important to have a good supply of Rare Flowers, as the taming process may take some time.

Interacting with her using the E key: Once the Giant Queen Bee is on the ground and focused on you, approach her slowly and interact with her using the E key. This will initiate the taming process. Be patient and gentle, as any sudden movements or aggression may cause the bee to attack. Use caution while interacting with her and ensure that you have enough Rare Flowers to keep her interested.

 Post-taming steps

Safely picking up the tamed Beehive: After successfully taming the Giant Queen Bee, it's time to safely pick up the tamed Beehive. Approach the Beehive slowly and interact with it using the E key. This will allow you to pick it up and add it to your inventory. Make sure to have enough space in your inventory to accommodate the Beehive.

Placing it securely at your base for future use: Once you have picked up the tamed Beehive, it's important to place it securely at your base for future use. Find a suitable location where the Beehive can be placed without any risk of damage or interference. It's important to keep the Beehive safe and protected, as it will produce Honey and potentially new queen bees over time.

By following this friendly guide, you now have all the information you need to successfully tame a Giant Queen Bee in Ark Survival Ascended! Remember to gather all necessary equipment, find the right location, and execute each step carefully for a smooth taming process. Taming a Giant Queen Bee can be a challenging but rewarding experience, so take your time and enjoy the process. Good luck and happy taming!

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