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As we move through Ark Survival Evolved we realize that it is necessary to explain how to make narcotics

What are the narcotics in Ark Survival Evolved?

These are nothing more than the most relevant resource that we must obtain throughout this game, since their main use is to evolve new dinosaurs, in such a way that this can benefit us because these creatures require some changes since it is a normal hillside affair and it is vital to adjust to the changes.
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    How to make narcotics in Ark Survival Evolved?

    This is actually a simple task for which it is necessary to choose to get some amount of ingredients and these are usually achieved in this way:


    •  5 narcoberries: these require pressing E when we get herbs or bushes.
    • 1 loot meat: this can be obtained from cooked or raw meat that has already expired, this can be obtained by dividing it in a chest or simply getting it instantly from a chest.


     Once we have obtained these resources it is necessary to obtain a mortar and place them inside it, once this has been done it is necessary to choose to click on the ship, with them ready it will only be necessary to choose to use narcotics as tranquilizers, which it can be favorable to use against dinosaurs.

     This is all you need to know about How to make narcotics, as it is a very important task that you can get the most out of in Ark Survival Evolved.

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