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Learn How To Get Metal Ingots in Ark Survival Ascended! Our guide provides tips for efficient mining.

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to obtain metal ingots in Ark Survival Ascended. In this article, we will walk you through the necessary steps and materials needed to unlock the Refining Forge, gather metal and wood, and ultimately craft your very own metal ingots. So let's get started!

How To Get Metal Ingots in Ark Survival Ascended

Section 1: Unlocking the Refining Forge

To begin your journey towards obtaining metal ingots, you first need to unlock the Refining Forge. This can be done by gathering the following materials:

  • - 40x Fiber
  • - 65x Hide
  • - 20x Wood
  • - 5x Flint
  • - 125x Stone

Gathering these materials may require some exploration and resource gathering. Fiber can be obtained by harvesting plants, while hide can be collected by hunting and killing animals. Wood can be gathered from trees using a Hatchet, and flint can be acquired by breaking stones. Lastly, stone can be found in large quantities near cliffs and rock formations.

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, it's time to head back to your base and unlock the Refining Forge. Simply open your inventory and navigate to the crafting menu. Look for the Refining Forge blueprint and select it to begin the crafting process. Once crafted, you can place the Refining Forge in your base.

Section 2: Placing the Refining Forge at Your Base

Choosing the right location for your Refining Forge is crucial. Make sure you have enough space to place it and that it's easily accessible. Placing it near your other crafting stations within your base is ideal for convenience.

Once you have chosen the perfect spot, simply open your inventory, select the Refining Forge from your inventory, and place it in the desired location. You can rotate the forge by pressing the appropriate button or key on your keyboard or console controller.

Section 3: Gathering Metal and Wood

To produce metal ingots, you will need a good supply of both metal and wood. Here's how you can obtain them:

Obtaining Metal: 

various locations, such as mountains, caves, and even underwater. Look for shiny, metallic rocks that stand out from the surrounding environment.

Use a pickaxe to mine these nodes for a significantly higher yield of metal. Be prepared to defend yourself as some nodes may be guarded by aggressive creatures. It's also important to note that the metal nodes will eventually respawn, allowing you to continuously gather more metal.

Gathering Wood

Wood is a crucial resource in Ark Survival Ascended, and you will need a substantial amount to fuel the Refining Forge and produce metal ingots. Head out to nearby trees and use a Hatchet to gather wood efficiently. Aim for trees with thick trunks as they will yield more wood per swing.

Additionally, river rocks can also provide a decent amount of wood when harvested with a Hatchet. These rocks are usually found near rivers and can be easily identified by their unique appearance. Keep in mind that river rocks are also a great source of stone, which you will need for various crafting recipes.

Section 4: Crafting Metal Ingots

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Now that you have obtained both metal and wood, it's time to craft your precious metal ingots using the Refining Forge. Follow these steps:

Placing Items in the Forge

Open the inventory of the Refining Forge by interacting with it. Inside, you will find several slots where you can place your gathered resources. Place your metal and wood inside the Refining Forge. It's recommended to have a good balance of both resources to optimize the refining process.

Lighting the Fire

To initiate the refining process, you need to light up the fire in the Refining Forge. Interact with the forge and select the option to light the fire. This will consume some of your wood and start the conversion process.

The Conversion Process

Once the fire is lit, the Refining Forge will slowly convert the wood into charcoal and the metal into metal ingots. This process takes time, and you will need to wait for a while before the conversion is complete. You can monitor the progress by checking the status bar on the Refining Forge.

It's important to note that the Refining Forge consumes wood and requires fuel to continue the refining process. Make sure to keep an eye on the forge and replenish the wood and fuel as needed to prevent the process from halting.

Section 5: Using Metal Ingots for Crafting

Now that you have successfully crafted your metal ingots, it's time to make full use of them. The first step is to build a Smithy, which unlocks at level 20. The Smithy is an advanced crafting station that allows you to create various metal items and progress faster in your journey.

Prioritize obtaining the Metal Pick and Metal Hatchet as they are essential tools for gathering metal and wood more efficiently. These upgraded tools have a higher durability and yield more resources per swing, saving you time and effort.

In addition to the Metal Pick and Hatchet, the Smithy enables you to craft a wide range of metal weapons, armor, and structures. From swords and crossbows to metal walls and gates, the possibilities are endless. Experiment with different recipes and find the items that suit your playstyle and goals in the game.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to obtain metal ingots in Ark Survival Ascended. By following this friendly guide, you can now unlock the Refining Forge, gather the necessary materials, and produce your own stock of valuable metal ingots. Remember to prioritize the Metal Pick and Hatchet, as they will significantly improve your resource gathering efficiency. As you progress further in the game, continue exploring new areas and unlocking advanced crafting recipes. The world of Ark Survival Ascended is filled with exciting challenges and opportunities, and your newly acquired metal ingots will greatly enhance your survival and progress. Happy crafting!

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