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2023-11-17 01:14:36

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 Discover the secrets on How to Get Prime Meat in ARK Survival Ascended and enhance your survival skills in the game.

Welcome to our friendly guide on obtaining Prime Meat in ARK Survival Ascended. In this blog post, we will explore different sources of Prime Meat, tips for preserving it, and strategies for effectively using it in taming dinosaurs.

How to Get Prime Meat in ARK Survival Ascended

Finding Prime Meat

The easiest way to obtain Prime Meat is by locating a parent dinosaur with their babies. This can be done by exploring the game world as most dinosaurs have offspring. When you spot a parent with babies, it is crucial to act quickly and efficiently to maximize your yield of Prime Meat.

Alpha variants of carnivores offer a higher yield of over 30 Prime Meat per creature. However, they are more challenging to defeat compared to regular predators. If you have the necessary weapons and armor, taking on an alpha predator can be a rewarding and efficient way to gather Prime Meat.

Harvesting Prime Meat

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While normal predators can also provide Prime Meat, the chances are small unless specific items are harvested from them. For example, using a hatchet or a chainsaw on a dead predator might yield some Prime Meat, but it is not a reliable method. It is always best to focus on finding parent dinosaurs with babies or alpha predators for a more consistent supply of Prime Meat.

Preserving Prime Meat

Prime Meat spoils quickly, so it is crucial to store it in a tamed dinosaur's inventory to slow down the spoiling process. Many dinosaurs have a spoil timer extension for raw meat and Prime Meat, making them ideal for preserving this valuable resource. For example, the Direwolf has a spoil timer extension of 2.5x, meaning Prime Meat stored in its inventory will last longer compared to other creatures.

Another effective way to preserve Prime Meat is by using a refrigerator. A refrigerator will significantly extend the freshness of the meat, allowing you to store larger quantities for longer periods. It is highly recommended to have a refrigerator in your base if you plan on regularly using Prime Meat.

Taming Dinosaurs with Prime Meat

If you plan on using Prime Meat for taming dinosaurs, it's recommended to make them unconscious before hunting for the meat. This allows them to starve out and ensures they are fed with fresh meat during the taming process. When a dinosaur is unconscious, its food consumption is reduced, and it will only eat when its hunger reaches a certain threshold. This allows you to control the timing and amount of Prime Meat you feed it, maximizing the efficiency of the taming process.

When taming a dinosaur, it's important to be mindful of its preferred food. Each dinosaur has a specific list of preferred foods, and using the right type of food will speed up the taming process. While Prime Meat is an excellent choice for many carnivorous dinosaurs, it might not be the preferred food for all of them. Be sure to check the specific preferences of the dinosaur you are taming to ensure you are using the most effective food.

By following these friendly guidelines, you'll be well-equipped with knowledge on obtaining and utilizing Prime Meat in ARK Survival Ascended. Whether you're exploring the game world or taming powerful creatures, having a good supply of this valuable resource is essential for your survival and success. Remember to prioritize finding parent dinosaurs with their babies or alpha predators for the best yield of Prime Meat. Store it in a tamed dinosaur's inventory or use a refrigerator to preserve it for longer periods. And when taming dinosaurs, make sure to make them unconscious before feeding them Prime Meat to maximize efficiency. Happy hunting!

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