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We welcome you to our Ark Genesis guide where we will talk about how to get hexagons.

What to know about hexagons in Ark Genesiss?

We have a lot to do with the recent DLC of this game, where the hexagon has a lot to do, since it is the currency with which we can get access to the different resources necessary for progress in the game, due to the new missions and areas to explore, it is necessary that we know how to obtain hexagons and in this guide the answers will be presented later, let's pay attention to what the following content will bring us.
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    How to get hexagons in Ark Genesis?

    Completing the missions is one of the important options to obtain hexagons, it is good that through the menu we see which we will have available, where we have to consider 7 different classes of missions, it is necessary that to choose them we click on the list of missions and make the activation of the mission tracking, duly ordered, we will find them according to the proximity, being new through the DLC and these are of Brutus, Career, Hot and Cold, Escort, Event and fishing and Melee.

    Melee and Escort Missions: These Melee missions can help us get 2300 hexes and the escort missions around 1900, being in the escort missions it is possible to get many resources on the way, both from XP and from enemies, otherwise Of the Melee that we agree to obtain nothing from XP but while we get the hexagons it is more than viable that it is one of the most effective possibilities to solve the doubts regarding How to obtain hexagons.

    Gross Missions: They are more than all about hunting and what is possible to do with our friends, where we can shoot down dinosaurs and be in mortal fights, being necessary to spend a lot of time if we want to complete this kind of missions, the difficulty of these is very high , but they represent at least 2000 hexagons.

    Event and Fishing Missions: these are the simplest of all in Ark Genesis, the activities allow us to obtain between 100 and 150 hexagons depending on the level we are at, it is possible that in such a case we test how far we can go in these and if not The hot and cold ones may be another option to consider, more if we are at the beginning.

     Finally, now that we know how to obtain hexagons, we can continue progressing and having fun in Ark Genesis.

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