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The theme is a very busy game and today it leads us to discover How to chat.

What to know about chatting in Temtem?

The chat feature is here in the game due to its recent update, in which it brought many new things but this is the most outstanding, which is interesting to communicate with our friends or other players, now it is necessary that we understand how to chat and this guide brings the details to do it, let's just follow them very closely.

How to chat in Temtem?

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    With the Enter or T key we will be able to access the chat box to chat with other players, those who are in our area will be available to view the message we are sending, there are different channels with which we can interact, it is a notary at the time the box occurs, in the game we will be able to carry out interactions with all the facets that the community has, it is possible that on some occasions the chat box will open inadvertently, so closing it is easy while not write nothing, we will do it with the enter or with the mouse in the box.

    It is also possible to hide the chat completely, we only have to unmark the button of the chat box that appears on our screen, for this it is necessary that we enter the main menu and go to the settings, thus having a better visualization of the game, chat with the others Players and friends we may take benefits such as trading and trading, to send a search request that relates to a specific object.

    In conclusion we can say that knowing how to chat is of great benefit for our performance and fun in Temtem.

    Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
    Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
    Humble Bundle
    Release date:
    January 21, 2020
    Single-player, multiplayer

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