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2020-08-05 10:09:44

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Our adventure in Animal Crossing New Horizons does not stop, let's see How to Corner the Stalkmarket

What to do with the turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Here we are faced with a dilemma and this is because turnips simply tend to rot, because just after a week they will no longer work and it is our task to focus on knowing how to Corner the Stalkmarket, because in some cases it is best to deal with eat them or simply sell them, because some bells do not harm us.
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How to Corner the Stalkmarket in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

The best option to obtain them is by selling turnips, since these have an excellent price, especially knowing that our island precisely usually has a large influx of visitors, however having the possibility of selecting some islands where many visitors attend can turn out to be very favorable since we can sell a good quantity.

Buying turnips is a much easier task than selling them, but even so it is ideal to acquire a good quantity since we are presented with the possibility of flying to our friends' island in Animal Crossing New Horizons to sell them, that is if you need to have some patience and this This is particularly due to the fact that we may not be able to sell them for more than 200 bells, which could be somewhat uncomfortable but could benefit us in an exchange.

A good option to know how to Corner the Stalkmarket is to focus on going to an island where we can stay but in exchange it will be necessary to give some rare objects, however, the best option we can take is to choose an island that has a good rating by others as it will be a more comfortable sales process. Turnips we can buy them for a value of 100 bells, we can buy a minimum pocket that has about 40 slots, however it is necessary to constantly check the price since Timmy and Tommy are in favor of placing a price each morning and night so It is essential to be aware, what if we can is to sell them on our island for a value of 400 bells.

An important option with turnips when we fail to sell them is to create a garden of turnips, since it is not possible to keep them for a long time in the warehouse, as this can simply present as a great disorder in addition to lowering the score and keeping them is simply a bad idea when it comes to knowing how to corral the animal market, and thereby achieve that the score can go up if not that we manage to ensure that they are not always stored here.

We can use cushions as bags of earth to get a beautiful flower to grow, as this is part of the personalized designs of the portal, also selling turnips not only allows us to get bells but also opens the door for us to get more points every week , so do not stop selling them, it is an interesting and rewarding task, since Animal Crossing New Horizons has definitely simply focused on preparing us for practical activities to achieve rewards that allow us to always be on top.

 In this sense, knowing how to Corner the Stalkmarket simply allows us the opportunity to show how excellent sellers we can become at Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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