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2021-11-09 09:41:15

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We continue to carry out searches in Animal Crossing New Horizons and this makes it convenient to explain how to get a music box.

What is the music box in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

This game has a number of interesting and very necessary objects, specifies that the music box is usually one of them, which can be placed on the furniture and which tends to offer us a quite warm and quiet sound thanks to the music that is played. usually have.

How to get a music box in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Getting this box makes it necessary to have the DIY recipe first, it can be obtained in bottles, or as a gift made by other villagers.
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Now, with the DIY recipe, it is necessary to get the music box for which we require:

  • 3 woods.
  • 3 softwoods.
  • 1 iron nugget.

When obtaining these resources we focus on taking into account that:

  • Once we get everything together and make the music box, we must place it on the floor and proceed to interact with it, we are allowed to have the possibility of registering any song that we may have in our inventory.
  • Registering the song is a one-time task.
  • Customizing the music box is an option only to be done after helping to establish Reese and Cyrus' shop on Harv's Island.

We conclude this guide on How to get a music box, so that you can launch yourself in this search that is usually fantastic in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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