Lidia Rozo
2021-11-09 09:47:28

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The jobs are still latent in Animal Crossing New Horizons and this makes it necessary to explain how to remodel houses of the villagers.

What does it take to remodel villagers’ homes in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

There are various activities that can be applied in this game and carrying out a house repair process is part of them, this allows us to get in charge of gaining experience as well as carrying out some interesting modifications related to creating or customizing the exterior of a house. home, we usually apply it at home first and then we can visit clients to apply all this knowledge.

How to remodel villagers' houses in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

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It is necessary to take care of going to the Happy Home Network application on our phone where we will see that a list of clients usually appears in this case we must go with the villager to whom we want to remodel the house and when we arrive choose to ask:


  •  How is your house? From there we can choose between remodeling it or choosing to move it to another lot.
  • It is ideal to choose the first option.
  • Once we have finished doing the remodeling process it is usually necessary to be attentive because we are asked if we are interested in changing the theme, this can be done to place something that can be personalized.
  • Once this work is duly completed, we must take care of returning to the complex and there they will proceed to pay us the amount of 3,000 pokis for the work we have done.


Now that you know how to remodel villagers' houses it is time to do this job because we will get a payment, in addition to putting our remodeling skills to the test at Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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