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Find out how to get more storage in this excellent and explanatory guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

What to know about storage in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

  At the time when we have to keep the objects for a certain time to be able to collect suits or other things, enough space is required to be able to store them, only that there are limitations for it, but it is possible to change this situation if we find out how to obtain more storage and for this we only have to attend to the content that will be presented from here on in this guide, we are going to see it.

How to get more storage in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

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The storage option is available in our house, it is necessary that to solve How to obtain more storage our house is updated through the renovations that can be applied with Tom Nook, we must have our house updated 7 times to achieve the maximum level , the basement being an important area for improvement, adding a space of 1600 slots, through Tom Nook this can be taken up to 5000 slots, highlighting that it is not something we can do for free, payments are required in advance, it will not be available as loans in Animal Crossing New Horizons, the cost of the first of the extensions is 500,000 bells and for each extension there will be a significant increase.

 Having the 2.0 game update we can then expand up to 5000, starting with the first to 2400 which has a cost of 500000 bells, the second is at 3200 and costs 700000 bells, the third is at 4000 and costs 9000 and the last at 5000 has a cost of 1200000 bells, in addition to this, the storage shed is required, which we can place outside our house, having access without us being inside, in case the 5000 slots are not enough we can add more residents to the island, starting from the animal villagers who have been invited, it means one more house for that reason greater storage, it should be noted that the new residents are Switch console accounts, then saving objects in these accounts, only that you have to leave them on the island and take them with the others resident accounts.

 We can conclude that knowing how to get more storage is easier than thought by applying these indications to have fun in Animal Crossing New Horizons

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