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Discover the secrets of How to get Dab in Animal Crossing New Horizons and enhance your gameplay experience.

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to catch a Dab in Animal Crossing New Horizons! In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of finding and catching this medium-sized fish. So grab your fishing rod and let's dive in!

How to Get Dab in Animal Crossing New Horizons

 Understanding Dabs

Dabs are medium-sized fish that can be found in the ocean between October and April. They are known for their distinct fish shadow, which can be spotted while wandering along the beach. Dabs have a flat body with both eyes on one side, similar to flounders and other flatfish.

Catching a Dab

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  • 1. Find a Fish Shadow: To catch a Dab, start by taking a stroll along the beach until you spot a fish shadow in the water. Keep an eye out for medium-sized fish shadows that are between the size of small fish and large fish shadows.
  • 2. Cast Your Fishing Rod: Once you have located a fish shadow, equip your fishing rod and stand near the edge of the water. Press and hold the "A" button to cast your line towards the fish shadow. Make sure to aim accurately to increase your chances of attracting the fish.
  • 3. Lure the Fish: When the fish notices your line, it will change direction and swim towards the bobber. This is a good sign that the fish is interested in your bait. Be patient and wait for the fish to approach the bobber.
  • 4. Reeling In: While waiting for the fish to bite, keep an eye on your bobber as it bobs up and down in the water. If you see or hear a loud "sploosh" sound, it means the fish has taken the bait. Quickly press the "A" button again to reel in your line.
  • 5. Enjoy Your Catch: If your timing is right and you successfully reel in the fish, you will see the caught fish swimming around rapidly near the bobber before pulling it under. Congratulations! You've caught yourself a Dab! Now you can either sell it for some bells or donate it to the museum to complete your fish collection.

Persistence is Key

Don't get discouraged if you don't catch a Dab right away. Fishing in Animal Crossing New Horizons requires patience and persistence. Dabs are not always easy to find, but they do commonly spawn in the ocean during the designated months. Keep casting your line towards medium-sized fish shadows, and eventually, you'll reel in that elusive Dab.

With this friendly guide, you now have all the knowledge you need to successfully catch a Dab in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Remember to be patient, enjoy the process, and keep trying until you reel in that elusive fish. Happy fishing!

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