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2021-11-23 20:58:30

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Animal Crossing New Horizons has some interesting tasks for us, and this makes it necessary to explain how to add a player.

What is the point of adding a player in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

 To have the opportunity to feel accompanied, although it is true, the island has a maximum total of 10 animals on our island, it is necessary to know how to add a player, because there is an option to have more members and about this we are going to talk to you in this guide.

How to add a player in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

  •  We must take care of creating our user or player account.
  • Next, we will return to Settings and then to Users.
  • We proceed to Add user.
  • After creating a second user, we are allowed to open the game and select the new user.
  • We will be taken to the start of the game due to the account we are using which is the second user.
  • We must take care of registering a new passport for this player.


 It should be noted that here we will not be asked to select an island of Animal Crossing New Horizons because we will be sent to the same one that we created with our first account, so if we must consider that it is necessary to start by living in a tent, while we adapt to the characteristics and we agree to build a life in this place.
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Knowing how to add a player makes it necessary to be in charge of being clear that obtaining items only requires Nook Miles, we must gather a considerable amount to pay Tom Nook's bill in the first instance, this is a place where the maximum amount of 8 players is allowed which makes up a general total of 18 residents, taking into account the main player, it is vital to have the NookPhone application called Call a resident, this because it allows us to play cooperatively with other players on the island.


 Having more residents undoubtedly offers us considerable advantages in Animal Crossing New Horizons and they are:


  •  We will have more houses that can be customized according to our creativity where we can execute the designs that we find interesting.
  • We can design hotels, schools or hospitals.
  • We are allowed to make exterior creations, such is the case of floors, carpets, paintings and more.


 We finish this guide on How to add a player, so that this allows us to continue enjoying everything that Animal Crossing New Horizons has for us.

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