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Animal Crossing New Horizons offers us another task, let's see How to build bridges.

What does building bridges entail in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Execute some constructions that allow us to be able to move around different parts in this game, make the areas more accessible, so that we must know how to build bridges, this is without a doubt one of the best advantages that we have to be able to mobilize us

How to build bridges in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

The first thing we must do is take care of unlocking the construction of bridges and for this we will have to continue paying the Second housing loan, this is canceled to Tom Nook and this implies having 98,000 bells when doing, so we unlock the construction of the bridge and we will receive the recipe for it.
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This is the recipe for building bridges in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

4 Log Bets: This resource is achieved by crafting, we can use 3 pieces of wood to create a log stake.

4 Clay: this is another resource that is usually necessary to know how to build bridges, and we usually get it from the rocks that are usually scattered throughout the island, we just have to get a shovel or an ax to get it, these rocks are usually random, which makes it necessary to hit quite a few times to get the desired amount.

4 Stone: to get it we must take care of hitting the rocks that are usually throughout the island, and we must use a shovel or an ax.

Now, with all these resources in our possession we will be able to execute the bridge construction process, for this we will use the bridge construction kit that we get from Tom Nooks, we will go to a river and use this kit, we must be attentive that both bridge ends are on a muddy surface, not over water and by doing so we will confirm the location, this is a construction process that may take some time a day or two for the bridge to be usable.

Now that you know How to build bridges, it is perfect to get involved in this task in Animal Crossing New Horizons, give it a try.

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