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This time we return with a Fall Guys guide aiming to explain how to get more kudos and crowns.

What to know about the Kudos and crowns in Fall Guys?

The crowns and the Kudos are 2 coins that we find in the game, certainly the function of them are very similar but to get them they are achieved in different ways, one of them we can buy, which allows us to access certain unlockable content of the game , with the Kudos it is possible to access the suits and emotes that we will use, while the crowns allow us access to the DLC and unlockables, with a specific cost in the case of both, now to understand how to get more kudos and crowns, it is We need our attention to the content that will be presented in this guide from now on, let's follow it to see what we find.
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    How to get more kudos and crowns in Fall Guys?

     The Kudos: with these it is possible to make the different customizations of our characters, the cost per kudo is $ 0.005 and we can acquire them in the DLC store from the menu that we have in the game, considering that we can also access them with the simple fact of play the games, being necessary to have an outstanding performance, getting to go as far as possible while our opponents are eliminated, if so we will get a greater number of kudos and we can use them anytime we want.

     The Crowns: beating all participants in the game is necessary to obtain them, which gives us access to the end of the crowns, considering that we will only have one to spend in DLC and what we can unlock, in some cases we need 5 crowns so having great capacities will be necessary and also the fact of playing more frequently, with the different modes we can obtain the ones that we finally need.

     In conclusion, knowing how to get more kudos and crowns is excellent, because we can advance more in this interesting and moving game like Fall Guys.

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    Last man standing, obstacle racing, battle royale
    Devolver Digital
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    August 4, 2020
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