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2020-08-05 09:54:35

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Our guide today on Call of Duty Modern Warfare focuses on explaining how to preload season 5, let's see.

Why preload season 5 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

This is a game that requires some updates, as it is not a novelty for those of us who have already had the opportunity to play it, this has tended to be regularly criticized due to massive installations, since knowing how to preload season 5 It implies having the opportunity to not present any kind of delay, and this is particularly due to the fact that an interesting amount of content has been incorporated here, acting as a patch and with a fairly comfortable weight, since it is barely more than 30 GB which represents a fairly low number.
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How to preload season 5 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

It is good to know that this season 5 patch will be available to pre-load before August 5 for PS4 since this is the typical date on which it is planned to be released for the console, for Xbox One and PC users the picture looks different because this will happen a little later, some updates were sent on Monday at night but have not yet been activated, in case of being one of these players it simply does not have to alarm you as this is a process pretty straightforward.

The possibility of getting an option available for PS4 simply allows us to move around a bit and press the Options button on the controller, with the sole purpose of selecting Check for updates, if there is any that may be available, such as the content of the season. 5 We will be notified, but we will not be able to play even when we have all the material downloaded until its respective launch is official, which is scheduled for August 5 at 2AM.

Knowing how to preload season 5 simply allows us to understand that there is more than one component of the game, since Warzone is not the only one and this seems to generate some interesting changes, because it allows us to access a great design to other places such as the airport. Verdansk International or a farm, as these places are embedded within the two new maps Gngiht and Livestock respectively which gives a more exciting touch to Call of Duty Modern Warfare

 One of the most relevant changes that we can achieve is the Stadium that is opening, as this allows us to fight for the first time in addition to wandering around the area, they are large spaces that allow us to do some explorations by train, especially since these They find a considerable amount of weapons, this is precisely what has impacted us when we managed to see the trailer for the season, these are some modifications that Warzone has undergone but they are for the good.

 Now that you know how to preload season 5 it is time for you to download it and prepare to enjoy all the news that Call of Duty Modern Warfare brings to everyone.

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