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2024-04-18 19:07:38

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Today we explain How To Get Gemstones in AFK Journey.

The precious stones that we can find in AFK Journey are an essential resource if you want to create the perfect team. You can receive these coins everywhere, from missions to free codes and once you have them you can fill your battle team's queue with the best heroes and live an exciting experience when playing. However, you will first need to learn how to grow these gemstones effectively.

In this guide, we are going to tell you a little about those places where you can get Precious Stones in AFK Journey and how to use them. Join us!

How To Get Gemstones in AFK Journey

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With our help in this guide you will see that knowing How to Gain Affinity Fast in AFK Journey is easier than you thought.

 Free Acquisition Methods:

  • Growth Paths & Growth Trials: These structured progression systems offer the most lucrative rewards in terms of Gemstone acquisition. By diligently completing objectives within these paths, players can secure significant quantities of Gemstones.
  • Promotional Codes: Developers and content creators frequently distribute redeemable codes that grant players various in-game rewards, including Gemstones. Staying informed about these codes through official channels or community forums can be a valuable strategy.
  • Daily Quests: While not the most substantial source, daily quests provide a consistent, albeit modest, influx of Gemstones for players who actively engage with the game.

Alternative Methods:

  • World Loot: Exploration and engagement with the open world can yield random rewards, including a chance to acquire Gemstones. This method, however, is not a reliable source and should be considered supplementary.
  • Direct Purchase: Players have the option to directly purchase Gemstones using real-world currency. This approach offers immediate access but does not involve in-game effort.

Maximizing Gemstone Acquisition:

For players seeking to optimize their Gemstone acquisition, focusing on Growth Paths and Growth Trials is paramount. These systems offer the highest return on investment in terms of time and effort expended. Additionally, actively seeking and redeeming promotional codes can significantly bolster Gemstone reserves.

Primary Use Case for Gemstones:

The primary function of Gemstones within AFK Journey revolves around hero recruitment. Players can utilize Gemstones to purchase Invite Letters at the Nobel Tavern, increasing their hero pool and bolstering their team's capabilities.

Hero Recruitment Strategies:

When employing Gemstones for hero recruitment, consider focusing on acquiring heroes from specific factions. Building a team with strong factional synergy can significantly enhance your overall effectiveness in various game modes.

Arena (PvP) and S-Tier Heroes:

The Arena, a player-versus-player (PvP) mode in AFK Journey, represents the most challenging aspect of the game. However, it does not directly involve the use of Gemstones for progression.

S-Tier heroes are the rarest and most potent characters within AFK Journey. While the base probability of acquiring an S-Tier hero through Invite Letters is low, some limited-time banners offer a guaranteed chance to obtain one with a specific drop rate (typically around 3%).

This is all you need about How to get precious stones in AFK Journey, follow our guide and create your perfect equipment thanks to precious stones. And in that way, live a unique experience in AFK Journey.

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