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Discover How to Forge Equipment in AFK Journey with our interesting guide that offers many details.

Why build teams in AFK Journey?

As we venture through the different territories of Esperia, we will encounter constant adversity from enemies, these challenges will intensify as we advance through the stages of the story, which will require the acquisition of superior and higher level equipment, therefore it is necessary to know How to Forge Equipment in AFK Journey.

While the weapon chest can contain a large number of items, they often turn out to be mere replicas that have no significant value in their original form, as such it would be more beneficial to dismantle them and obtain Forge Stones, this in order to turn them into top-level equipment in AFK Journey.

There are degrees of rarity among stones, and each one has a specific purpose when forging weapons, armor and improving their levels, once all items have been upgraded to their maximum capacity, the remaining stones can be exchanged for coins, reflecting the process. for other items in our inventory.

How to forge equipment in AFK Journey?

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From AFK to story stages, to even side quests, the true potential of heroes is only unlocked with the right weapons and armor, it is also important to obtain equipment through different game modes and the only way to improving it is through forging, so we will have to navigate to the Resonant Room and select the Equipment option.

Our next step is to choose the type of equipment that we want to dismantle and we proceed to click on the corresponding button in the upper right corner of our screen, here we will see that a list of equipment will appear, accompanied by the amount of Forge Stones that can be dismantled. obtain by disassembling, once we have selected the desired items, we will use the Recycle function to acquire the necessary stones, then, we will locate the Forge button at the bottom of any equipment that is not at the maximum and we will use the accumulated stones to level up .

In general terms, knowing how to forge equipment in AFK Journey allows us to be properly prepared to combat enemies, try it.

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