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If you are looking to know How To Get Confining Spell in AFK Journey you are in the right place, here you will have answers with precise details.

What to know about the confinement spell in AFK Journey?

This is an important spell if we want to unlock Vaduso Mountains 4 in AFK Journey. The enemies in this area are formidable, so in addition to using the spell, it is advisable to level up your equipment through Forge, now to get an idea of How To Get Confining Spell in AFK Journey let's take into account the details that we will offer this guide below.

How To Get Confining Spell in AFK Journey?

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Through the quest "Blessing of the Deer Spirit" we will be rewarded with the confinement spell. This mission is available in Vaduso Mountains 4 at AFK Stage 545 and Resonance level 120, it is appropriate that we do the following:

  • As we go through the forest, guided by a bright light, you will find an area called Ivoryshade.
  • We will search for Lorsan and go to the newly discovered Spirit Mound.
  • Approaching the statue in this area will trigger a scene that will reward us with the Sylvan egg.
  • We will talk to Pristress Mona and follow the lights to meet Hewynn. Upon completing the task, we will receive the confinement spell as a reward after a short conversation (can be skipped).
  • Once unlocked, we must go to the Resonance Room and we will access the Artifacts section.
  • We choose the confinement spell and we will activate it to unleash its power.

Aside from the quest, the Trolley is the only way to obtain this spell. In the Trolley, we must buy the artifact package using a purple pendant-like item. After purchasing it, we go to the Artifacts section in the Resonance Room and activate the spell.

We can conclude that knowing How To Get Confining Spell in AFK Journey is easier than we thought, you just have to apply the instructions and we will be adding an important spell.

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