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2024-04-18 20:11:37

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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to Make Money in Shadows of Doubt.

If you are looking for a game with murderers roaming the streets and unfaithful spouses, I assure you that Shadows of Doubt is for you. Its world offers us a lot of adventures to do as we advance in our social credit ranks.

Unfortunately, this game presents us with a series of limitations that hold us back from wanting to explore and investigate, and these are both the cost of equipment, food and a place to rest. That is why getting money will become your priority if you want to explore the wonders that this game has to offer.

Winning money can be a concern when playing, but don't worry! Within the world of Shadows of Doubt there are many ways to earn money, from solving cases to collecting items to collect and sell, whether legal or not.

That is why in this guide we bring you the ways to earn money, and at the same time we will explain what items you could use so that you are careful when collecting and selling.

How to Make Money in Shadows of Doubt

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Approved Methods of Financial Gain:

  • Case Resolution: The core income source in Shadows of Doubt lies in successfully resolving criminal investigations. Both primary cases, obtained through in-game newspapers, and secondary cases found on public bulletin boards, offer financial rewards upon completion.
  • Asset Recovery: During investigations, players may encounter valuable objects such as jewelry, antiques, or technological upgrades. These assets can be liquidated for a profit at designated pawn shops within the game world.

Importance of Ethical Conduct:

The report emphasizes the importance of adhering to ethical detective practices. While the game may present opportunities for illicit activities, these are strongly discouraged. Submitting false reports to City Hall can result in significant financial penalties, hindering a detective's progress.

Optimizing Earnings Potential:

  • Prioritization of Primary Cases: While secondary cases provide a supplementary income stream, prioritizing the main story cases is crucial for narrative advancement and character development.
  • Meticulous Investigation Techniques: A keen eye for detail is essential during investigations. Uncovering hidden compartments or secret stashes can yield valuable assets for conversion into capital. 
  • Strategic Investment: Upgrading equipment and detective skills can expedite case resolution, leading to a long-term increase in income potential.

This is everything you need to know about How to make money in Shadows of Doubt, by following our guide, you will be able to get money and thus explore and investigate the mysteries that this game has to offer you.

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