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2024-04-15 14:30:26

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Today we bring you an interesting and explanatory guide on How to spend diamonds in AFK Journey.

What to know about diamonds in AFK Journey?

These are necessary elements in this game, in this game we are offered the opportunity to access new regions on the map, and we need heroes with various abilities and specialties. Diamonds can greatly improve our growth and even generate new heroes that are valuable in the stages, so we invite you to read this guide on How to spend diamonds in AFK Journey and take advantage of them.

How to spend diamonds in AFK Journey?

We must carry out the search, and this implies:

Go to the guild store

The store can offer us rare items that require significant effort to acquire or even require real-world currency to obtain, these can include coveted resources such as essences, soul seals, acorns and invitation letters that are crucial for upgrading heroes and summoning, to new ones.

Among all these options, Essences prove to be the most valuable use of Diamonds, unlocking Hero Focus abilities and facilitating exclusive equipment upgrades. High-level guilds offer even more options in the Daily and Monthly sections of the store, making it beneficial to stock up on such valuable resources.

Perform Hero Summon

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AFK Journey features a wide range of heroes grouped into different classes, each possessing unique sets of skills. As such, there is no point in hoarding invitation letters when we can use them in All-Hero Recruitment instead. However, it is vital to have a wish list of desired heroes and use diamonds for summons instead of recklessly spending all your resources in the hope of getting a chance summon.

Get AFK progress rewards

If for some reason, we do not have the opportunity to dedicate time to collect the AFK rewards accumulated during the recovery period, there is a solution available. We can deploy diamonds twice a day to avoid the waiting period. It should be noted that this course of action is at a lower level in the AFK stage. The resources provided are not worth the premium currency spend at that stage.

Arena Challenge Tickets: an essential strategy

The Arena presents a lucrative opportunity to acquire Diamonds by exchanging them for Challenge Tickets. We must use diamonds to have the opportunity to participate in fascinating battles. As our rank increases within the levels, we will receive an initial reward of this currency, along with other valuable resources such as tokens and guild coins. Since challenge, tickets are limited.
We conclude this guide on How to spend diamonds in AFK Journey, we invite you to follow the search instructions described here and thereby take advantage of the game.

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