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2024-04-17 12:28:22

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With our help in this guide you will see that knowing How to Gain Affinity Fast in AFK Journey is easier than you thought.

What to know about affinity in AFK Journey?

This is a very important factor to be able to unlock rewards and improve our skills in the heroes, it can be tedious, but with the help of this guide on How to Gain Affinity Fast in AFK Journey we will have it covered, let's just see the following content.

How to Gain Affinity Fast in AFK Journey?

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An effective option is to use affinity items, but it is important to understand our characters' preferences, because each one has their own preferred items. This can greatly speed up affinity progression and maximize overall progress, plus the game offers a convenient feature to interact directly with our character by tapping on them on their profile page. This grants two additional affinity points per interaction, but can only be done three times a day, once we reach this daily limit it is necessary to wait until the next day to resume increasing affinity.

In the game we can acquire vital affinity items through the Friendship Store, World Loot and Missions. Each source offers unique opportunities to obtain specific items, which will help our hero's journey in different ways, The Emporium houses the Friendship Store, which provides easy access to all the items that can be purchased with Pal-Coins. We obtain these coins by helping friends and participating in the corresponding celebrations. By forging more friendships and sharing more celebrations, Pal-Coins can be accumulated to purchase affinity items, now it is good to consider the following is a list of items available in the Friendship Store:

  • starlight cup
  • Fragrant bouquet
  • Spectral lantern
  • fang dagger
  • sacrolite pendant
  • The gaze of the devil
  • origami hamster
  • World Loot
  • honey berry
  • Hexaflor
  • Luminous fly fruit
  • wisteria vine
  • Radish
  • rainbow flower
  • Missions
  • black olive

In conclusion, knowing How to Gain Affinity Fast in AFK Journey is interesting because it allows us to develop and have more fun in this fast-paced and interesting game.

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