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We have made a guide for you where we will tell you how to get artifacts in AFK Journey.

How to get artifacts in AFK Journey?

This is a task that we can achieve mainly through the main missions and the legend trail, there are a total of 6 spells that are:

  • confinement spell
  •   Starshard Spell
  •   Illuminating spell
  •   awakening spell
  •   burning spell
  •   Iron Wall spell.

 In How to get artifacts in AFK Journey Each spell provides different types of benefits and effects in battle, some are suitable for arena while others are better for boss fights and AFK stages, they are worth acquiring and upgrading, for example the awakening spell is the initial artifact, while others are unlocked as we progress through the story, in the case of the Starshard spell it is a reward for completing Lucent's Lament Story Quest of the Dark Forest map.

  Once we have obtained the spell, we will go to the Hall of Resonance, then to Artifacts, to select the new one and press Activate to unlock it, alternatively, we can buy the artifact packages in the cart to unlock the spiritual powers, it should be noted The welcome packs have the best price, so purchasing them before they reset is ideal.

How to get echoes and improve spells?

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It is good to know that Echo Shards are obtained from various sources, such as the main story, side quests, battles in the AFK scenario, Dream Realm, Arena and defeating corrupted creatures, the higher the level. of difficulty, the greater the chances of this fall occurring.

  In addition to the fragments, we must also collect some money to level up the spells. When we manage to have both, we will go to the Resonating Hall Artifacts section where we will select the one we want to upgrade, then we will see the Level Up button; We use it to improve our powers and we will be ready.

In conclusion, How to get artifacts in AFK Journey allows us to obtain different benefits in the game from which we can take advantage as we progress.

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