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2024-04-10 15:20:57

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Enter the universe of AFK Journey where we invite you to discover How to Unlock and Get Reinier in AFK Journey accurately.

What to know about Reinier in AFK Journey?

It is a mysterious hero that we can unlock at the Stargaze station, only we must work hard to get it, if we are looking to help ourselves a little on How to Unlock and Get Reinier in AFK Journey, it is appropriate that we consider the following content that this guide will present to us below , let's see.

How to Unlock and Get Reinier in AFK Journey?

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The first step to unlocking Reinier is to reach the Stargaze Station, which can be accessed after completing a whopping 400 summons. This includes the All Heroes Recruitment and Epic Recruitment posters. To track our progress, we visit the Mystical Collection in the Mystical House and select the Covenant Letter. There we will see our total summon and how many more we need to reach the desired 400. Once we have unlocked the Stargaze station, we will need to obtain star crystals, a special currency that is used at the station to summon characters and other rewards. And now comes the exciting part: the summoning process! With just a 3.25% chance of success, selecting Reinier may seem daunting. However, every 40 attempts guarantee him spawning, making our efforts worthwhile.

But wait, there is another way to unlock Reinier: by spending guild medals in the guild store. For 30,000 guild medals, we can buy 6 copies of Reinier. Keeping in mind that this option is only available to guild members, so let's make sure you join one to take advantage of this alternative method.

Now that you know the secrets behind How to Unlock and Get Reinier in AFK Journey, use this knowledge and add a powerful hero to your AFK Journey team. Happy journey!

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