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Here's a comprehensive guide on How To Get the Starshard Spell in AFK Journe, incorporating different playstyles and strategic considerations.

How To Get the Starshard Spell in AFK Journey

The Free Path: Earning Through Exploration and Hero Development

Unveiling the Dark Forest: Your journey to the Starshard Spell begins by unlocking the Dark Forest in the campaign. As you steadily progress through stages, this mysterious area will eventually become accessible. Reaching Dark Forest stage 7 is crucial, as it unlocks the story quest "Lucent's Lament." Completing this quest grants you the free Starshard Spell Artifact.

Tips for Efficient Campaign Progression

  • Focus on Balanced Hero Teams: Invest in heroes with diverse strengths and roles to tackle a variety of stage challenges. Experiment with formations to discover team synergies that work for you.
  • Ascend Your Heroes: Regularly ascend your heroes to unlock their full potential and increase their overall power. This will significantly enhance your team's ability to conquer campaign stages.
  • Utilize AFK Rewards: Don't neglect the benefits of AFK functionality. Even when you're away from the game, your heroes continue to accumulate resources and experience. Take advantage of this feature to optimize your progress.

The Paid Shortcut: A Faster Path with Dragon Crystals

  • Instant Acquisition for Impatient Adventurers: If you're eager to equip the Starshard Spell and delve into its strategic possibilities without waiting to unlock the Dark Forest, the in-game shop offers an alternative. For 140 Dragon Crystals (roughly equivalent to $5.99), you can purchase Artifact Bundle I, which includes the Starshard Spell. This method provides immediate access to the Artifact, allowing you to experiment with its effects on your team composition.

Important Considerations for the Paid Method in How To Get the Starshard Spell in AFK Journey

  • Evaluate Your Needs: Consider your playstyle and budget before opting for the paid method. If you enjoy the gradual campaign progression and strategic hero development, the free path might be more rewarding.
  • Alternative Uses for Dragon Crystals: Dragon Crystals are a valuable resource that can be used for various purposes within the game. Carefully evaluate if acquiring the Starshard Spell through this method aligns with your overall spending strategy.

Unleashing the Full Potential: Upgrading the Starshard Spell

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  • Dream Realm Challenges Await: Once you possess the Starshard Spell, the Dream Realm offers an exciting avenue to maximize its power. This special mode pits your heroes against formidable bosses. By conquering the Dream Realm boss on Hard difficulty four times, you'll successfully upgrade the Starshard Spell to its maximum level. This unlocks its full potential, enhancing the damage dealt and attack speed reduction inflicted by the Artifact's powerful flame wave.

Additional Notes

  • Don't Get Fixated on Timelines: The free method might take some time as you progress through the campaign. There's no set two-week timeframe to obtain the Starshard Spell. Focus on steady character progression and campaign advancement.
  • Prioritize Character Development: While some sources might mention stages beyond 350 or reaching level 100, these are not direct requirements for acquiring the Starshard Spell. They're general benchmarks for character development that will benefit you throughout the game.

By following these steps for How To Get the Starshard Spell in AFK Journey, you'll be well on your way to acquiring and maximizing the power, allowing you to craft even more effective strategies for conquering stages and dominating opponents!

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