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Today we bring you a Yakuza Like a Dragon guide where we will explain how to heal .

What to know about Yakuza Like a Dragon?

Different from its predecessors in terms of gameplay certainly, however that does not make it less complicated, the enemies in the confrontations are remarkable in the countless battles, which makes it necessary to recover the health points, be it in any way is ideal That it is understood How to heal and to do it you have to pay attention to what is offered by the following content.
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How to heal in Yakuza Like a Dragon?

 Out of Combat: if we are in this situation solving How to heal will result in a more relaxed process with better opportunities for those who are injured, from the pause menu it is possible to choose objects such as salmon onirigi, this allows the increase of potency and there is a question to decide on who receives it, in this way chosen who will receive the increase, on some occasion we will run out of items to heal in Yakuza Like a Dragon, so visiting fast food restaurants is possible, These are marked by a yellow fork or knife icon, which allows wounds to heal, but it is ideal that we buy from the stash of stores, so you should look for the orange icons of the cart on the map, we can access to high-pressure fries, now in the case of a pharmacy we can access Toughness ZZ, being a possibility with greater scarcity that may appear on the map in the course of the missions, in the rescue stations it is possible to find and an icon of the heart will be the way to identify it when it comes from the dispenser of the short drinks.

 During combat: in this case the possibilities will be more limited to heal ourselves, since it is not possible to leave the fight to go to a restaurant, preparation being a fundamental way to heal in the middle of a combat, this is when the option of using the Item in battle is possible, by choosing the objects, for which the ones that we have available in our inventory appear, this will be highlighted and we have to make the choice of the member who needs said item, taking into account that this will count as a turn, being key Proper use, having a character that has healing qualities is necessary in a group of 3, taking Nanba for example that he is capable of using a healing powder very similar to those of the objects, but this consumes the MP and assures another avenue for healing.

 Finally, now that we know how to heal we can move on to Yakuza Like a Dragon.

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