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The adventure in Genshin Impact does not stop and this allows us to tell you how to link accounts, let's see.

Is it possible to link accounts in Genshin Impact?

It is necessary to consider that this type of crossover cannot be made with all platforms, as some have certain peculiarities, so that even when this game is available on PS4, PC and mobile, they cannot necessarily all be combined, however, it is possible to count with some exceptions such as the case of PC and Mobile, which leaves the other platform out even when it has this same game.
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    How to link accounts in Genshin Impact?

    It is necessary to make it clear that in the case of PS4 it is not possible to link with PC or mobile which makes it complex, however it is possible to retain hope that this may come to pass in the future especially because it has been a game that has achieved a fantastic attention and welcome from the public.


    •  Now, to link accounts it is necessary to log into the game whether it is PC or Mobile.
    • Access the main menu and proceed to select the settings menu.
    • Proceed to click account
    • Then we go to User Center.
    • Next, we look for the email option that is associated with the account and click on it to send us an email.
    • Then we open our email and enter the code that has been sent to us in the verification section of the game and that's it.


     Knowing how to link accounts allows us to access the files saved on both PC and mobile, so that we have some breadth, we also have the possibility of being able to link them with social networks to achieve a more favorable linking process, such is the cas Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, etc., leaving out PS4 that so far does not have any linking option even this is not available for PS5.

     In this sense, knowing how to link accounts allows us to have the possibility of choosing to compare progress and thus enjoy Genshin Impact much more.

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