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Ambar Jimenez
2020-12-13 14:45:06

Prominence Poker is a fantastic title combining the wonders of narrative-fueled video games with high-stakes, high-intensity poker. Don’t get confused: this isn’t a video game that simulates playing at an online casino. You won’t be experiencing something the same as playing at Casumo online casino — this is an underground poker simulation.

We’ve taken an in-depth look at Prominence Poker, so that you’re ready to start playing.

Texas Hold’em Taken to the Limit

When you first start playing Prominence Poker, you might not realize just how deep this game is. The graphics are absolutely superb, helping players to truly become immersed in the world of underground poker that Prominence Poker creates. Here, players are embroiled in a battle against some of the roughest and toughest poker pros on the scene.

You’re able to create your own avatar and play with them over the course of the game. On top of this, you can earn in-game money which you can spend on customizing your character to look just how you want them to. This adds an extra layer of detail that makes the game just that little more enjoyable for you.

Prominence Poker has a great feel to it, and manages to combine RPG elements without distracting from the main focus of the game, poker. As with any game that includes RPG elements, there’s the flexibility to level up and learn as you play, but the real beauty of this title is the poker playing itself. The game is extremely well-designed, and features great artificial intelligence that underpins all the decisions other players make.

Another fantastic addition to the game is the way in which the other players are fully animated. This means that every action that’s performed in the game is fully visible while you play. Prominence Poker is definitely the most impressive poker title that we have seen on any current gen console, in terms of visuals.

Battling the Underground

The game sees you fighting your way from underground poker tournaments right up to the top tournaments available. Here, the stakes will increase — and so will the ability of other players. This ensures that you will feel the rise in difficulty, as well as the increase in tension.

The soundtrack really establishes the atmosphere for the game, and it helps players to become fully immersed in the action unfolding. The game itself has a steep difficulty curve, as the artificial intelligence of the characters increases as you climb further up the poker ladder. It shows that Prominence Poker isn’t just about creating a great-looking and immersive game, but it’s also about providing poker players with a challenge.

However, despite the quality of the artificial intelligence in Prominence Poker, it’s not designed to learn. So, just like any other video game, once you have learned the patterns that the AI follows, you will be able to predict what actions it will take in certain scenarios. This means that once you have beaten everyone in the game, it won’t provide too much of a challenge for you. This doesn’t mean that Prominence Poker is a game to discard once you have completed it, though.

Moving Online

It would be safe to say that Prominence Poker is a game that only truly gets started once you start playing online. Here, you are able to access multiplayer tables and can play against other people around the world. This is where Prominence Poker really comes into its own: it offers plenty of options and gives players plenty of poker action to sink their teeth into.

If you love playing poker against other players, but don’t want to take the risk of playing for real money, then the online option is a fantastic way of discovering the thrill of competing against others. You’re able to play for your bankroll when playing online, and as you build up your reputation, you will be able to play at higher-stakes tables. It really is a fun way to play poker without any risk to your actual bank balance. If you’re new to the world of poker, you might find Prominence Poker helps you learn how it works.

Overall Thoughts

On the whole, Prominence Poker gives players a huge amount to enjoy. The actual poker part of the game is extremely well done, and it is a lot of fun to progress through. The storyline and RPG aspects of the game make it a little deeper and enjoyable than most other poker games on the market. It’s superbly well done overall.

The multiplayer aspect also adds some extra content to the title. It’s a fun mode that allows you to compete against other players online in your own virtual poker tournaments. While there is no real money involved in playing Prominence Poker, the free-to-play nature of the game, combined with limits on how much free bankroll you are given, does add the feeling of risk and reward when playing your games. If you’re a poker fan, then you will love Prominence Poker.

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