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2022-09-01 09:15:08

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The errors are usually on all platforms, let's see How to fix Xbox Game Pass error 0x87e00196.

What is Xbox Game Pass error 0x87e00196?

This is a problem that we came across and that is occurring recently, it is nothing to write home about, but it can simply become annoying because it prevents us from installing anything from the Xbox Store, it is good to know that this error usually has a solution and to give you details about it, we have made this guide.

How to fix Xbox Game Pass error 0x87e00196?

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Install games through the Microsoft Store or Xbox application: this is an action to be executed and for this we must:

  •  Reinstall the Game Services app on PC and go to the taskbar and type the phrase 'Powershell'.
  • Next, we will look at Windows Powershell and Windows Powershell ISE.
  • We proceed to open Windows Powershell and enter the command get-appxpackage Microsoft.GamingServices remove-AppxPackage -all users.
  • We will press Enter, and we must enter another command which is to start ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9MWPM2CQNLHN.
  • Once we have completed the commands we must go to a page of the Store application where we must install Xbox Gaming Services once again.

Next, we click on the Get button to install the application, and we are allowed to receive a message: User account control where we click Yes to authorize the installation and by doing so, the application will download and start by itself, then, we restart the PC and tried to download the game.

 We can conclude this guide on How to fix Xbox Game Pass error 0x87e00196, nothing more will be enough to follow the instructions described and that's it.

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