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2024-04-17 21:25:38

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Today we explain how to fix Xbox GamePass download speed that is too slow.

You will finally be able to download your games at a faster speed! In this guide you will find all the solutions to resolve the Xbox app problem for PC. Forget about slow downloads.

Follow all the solutions that we show you in this guide, because there is no specific solution. Try them all and see which one will hopefully solve your problem.

You will have to pause the download you are doing and close the Xbox application. Once you have applied the changes, reopen the application and continue downloading the game.

How to Fix Xbox GamePass Download Speed Too Slow

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This guide outlines effective strategies to improve slow download speeds experienced with Xbox Game Pass on PC. 

Network Optimization:

  • 1. Delivery Optimization Settings: Utilize Delivery Optimization to leverage additional bandwidth. Search for "Delivery Optimization advanced settings" and enable "Allow downloads from other PCs." This can harness bandwidth from other devices on your network for faster downloads.
  • 2. Network Congestion Management: Network congestion can significantly impact download speeds. Consider pausing downloads on other devices like smartphones or tablets while downloading Xbox Game Pass games. Additionally, a simple router restart can often resolve temporary network issues.

Application Maintenance:

  • 1. Repair or Reset Xbox and Microsoft Store Apps: Corrupted app data can hinder downloads. Utilize the Windows Settings menu to repair or reset the Xbox and Microsoft Store apps. This can often resolve download-related issues.
  • 2. Network Adapter Reset (Optional): Flushing the DNS cache and performing a Winsock reset can potentially improve network connectivity. Search online for specific instructions on how to perform these actions for your specific Windows version.

Additional Considerations:

  • Internet Speed Verification: It's crucial to confirm your actual internet download speed matches your subscription tier. Run an internet speed test to verify this.
  • Microsoft Support: If the aforementioned steps fail to resolve the issue, consider contacting Microsoft Support for further assistance with Xbox Game Pass downloads. Their expertise can help identify and address more specific download problems.

By implementing these recommendations, you should experience a noticeable improvement in your Xbox Game Pass download speeds.

This is everything you need to know about How to fix Xbox GamePass download speed that is too slow, follow each of the solutions that we teach you in this guide to the letter and download your games at a faster speed.

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